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Question Quitting smoking was easier than sugar, but...

I honestly think that quitting sugar was A LOT harder than quitting smoking. Today is my 10th, and last day without sugar. Tomorrow I'm celebrating with a healthy ricotta berry dessert and a glass of Pinot Noir

THE PROBLEM IS... smoking has actually become the more difficult obstacle to overcome in the long run (probably because it's the permanent one)...

Anyhow, I have all of this writing and studying to do, and I'm used to smoking a pack a day while I sit on my butt and work... I am no longer capable of working without smoking!!

Does anyone have any ideas of how I can get out of my rut? I know I can get work done without smoking, I'm just not sure how... maybe more coffee??

THANKS! Any advice would be much appreciated!
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Write or study somewhere you're not allowed to smoke. It's amazing how much of a mental shift that is. If you're at your desk, where you used to smoke while you worked, habit will kick in and you'll want to smoke while you work now. If you're at a coffee shop or the library, you don't have that habit association, so resisting won't be as hard.
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I've never smoked so my advice may be unappreciated.... BUT...

my best friend has smoked for yearsssssss. She has quit ... several times. She is currently on a "quit" time. The new motto is "If at first you don't succeed, quit, quit again!" -

Though expensive, she swears by Chantix. And the fact that THIS TIME she really, truly WANTED to quit.

Good luck!!

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I'm also a smoker..its hard for me to quit because DH is a smoker as well! We quit for 5 months and started back up a month ago when I had a miscarriage. My mom swears by gum chewing (she smoked for 20 years!) which helped me a little bit.

What worked for me was chewing gum, sipping on water or diet pepsi, cleaning...anything to take my mind of smoking. I know how you feel about doing work without smoking. I turn into a fidgety spazz when I can't have a smoke, and its really hard to concentrate.

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I agree - you have to somehow change your habits and their associations. Change your office, at least in some way... move your desk, move your office if possible. Anything to start fresh.

I think it'll still be hard.. you have to give it time for this new habit (not smoking) to become normal.

I smoked for about 10 years, somewhat off and on in the beginning. But by the last 5 years I was a pack a day smoker, and loved every minute of it. I tried several times, but when I finally quit it was cold turkey and not really that much of a problem. Sure I had my moments, but nowhere near as bad as I expected. I did make a point of not doing the things I really associated with smoking though: the balcony at work, having morning coffee outside in the a.m., going to the pub or bar on the weekends. I had to stop those and do soemething new instead to make that new habit. For me it was exercising more. Worked like a charm!

GL and you can do it.. one day at a time, or even better, one minute at a time!

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