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Default Worst Dates

I was just reading another thread and it made me think about bad dates.

Who wants to tell about their worst date?

Or your best?

I'm sure we could all use a Monday chuckle, and I know you all have some good stories. I promise to share mine too!
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I didn't date much before I met DH, but...

There was this one guy I dated for a couple of weeks. He was a training as a pilot/traffic control at a private airport...on our first real date he took me up in a 2 person plane and let me fly it once we were in the air. It was pretty cool, but he didn't say a SINGLE WORD other than instructions.

We went back to his house and had pizza...and then he put on a Scrubs dvd and didn't say another word for the next few hours. And then he started kissing me out of nowhere.

Unfortunately I was 18 and went along with the kissing.

We had 2 weeks worth of dates like this, silence, movies, making out, silence...

One night I was supposed to meet him at his house, and I sat in the damn living room for 2 hours. When he finally showed up he was drunk, and thhheeennnn he was chatty as he**! But all he would talk about was flying planes.

and then I went back to college a few hours away. I tried talking to him on the phone but the guy has to be the dullest person I've ever met.

No conversation skills, no dice. Also on our last date he got really frustrated because I guess he had to pay for the plane fuel out of pocket, and he expected me to have sex with him for that? Please.

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I had a guy bring me a thong he bought for a former girlfriend (who never wore it). That was probably one of the worst dates.

Oorr the guy who dumped me in June because he found out I believe in women's rights and equality for the sexes. He got annoyed that I disagreed with him on this comment on Facebook about all women being psychopaths(it was only one of FOURTY-EIGHT!!!!!! comments about women and how psychotic we are on the first PAGE of his Facebook account) blah blah blah. Real winner there *rolls her eyes*.

Oh and then there was the date where he talked for 4 hours STRAIGHT about his ex and how he was still head-over-heels in love with her.

The more people I meet, the more I like my dog lol

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I was 17. Star Wars movie was the rage and I had seen it already, but didn't say so. He took me to the drive in, in a van. The van had bucket seats so we were far enough apart and it was no way, no how romantic. However, he had a mattress in the back and kept trying to get me back there, which was a huge red flag turn off. The harder he tried to persuade me, the more inclined I was to get out of the van, go to the snack bar, and call my parents to come pick me up! A. I didn't really know him. B. I was a virgin. C. I didn't know what to do on a mattress. D. Seriously?

Before the movie ended, we had some pretty heated words. After unsuccessfully trying to "romance" me to the mattress, he tried insulting me and saying I was acting like a baby and immature, etc. That just made me mad! I made him take me home and I never spoke to him again. Looking back, I guess I'm lucky he wasn't a psycho rapist.

Is that your final answer?
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ArtyKay, I've heard of those "expectations" after being wined and dined, but for plane fuel? Oh boy! What a winner! The best part is that he probably couldn't articulate it and got huffy instead, right? Just when you think there's nothing worse than awkward conversation, you get NO conversation. Awful!!

Rainbowgirl, those men all had issues! I am sure the thong guy thought there was absolutely nothing wrong with that scenario. "What, I got you a present!" Umm, and how little social grace do you have to have to TELL someone "actually I bought this for my ex, but you can have it instead!" Ugh. As for the chauvinist, GOOD RIDDANCE!

124- A MATTRESS in his car??? What a slimeball. Huge red flags there- dodged a bullet with that one! Good grief.

I've had two really bad dates, both when I was young and stupid. Here's one:

I had just graduated college and moved back home and didn't know anyone in the area. I met someone on the internet and she said she was having some friends over, would I like to come? I thought this sounded great because we'd been talking about going on a date but this kind of came up and at least other people would be around (of course, it was at her house and it was pretty stupid to just show up there, but that's another issue entirely). So I get there and knock on the door, a few people are sitting on the couch and talking and we just made small talk, meanwhile I had no idea where this girl was. Suddenly I hear some serious yelling and it's pretty obvious she's on the phone with either a current partner or a very recent ex. Her friends kind of look sheepish and turn the tv on louder. I thought about running then and I definitely should have. Before I could, though, she came downstairs and said, and I quote, "Oh. You're here. Just great." Then mumbled something about me hearing all of that. Anyway, I'm itching to get out of there but I don't want to be rude (again, young and stupid. Now I would have bolted). So she sat down and we all talked for awhile, then she said "i'm sorry, this threw a wrench in my tire and I have to fix it." And LEAVES to obviously see her ex!

Okay, again, I should have left, but at this point I'm actually having a decent time with her friends. When she comes back, we're watching a movie and eating pizza and she gets snippy with me and says "are you going to watch a movie or come hang out with me?"

Umm, really?

Everyone left and I stayed for literally a few more minutes and confirmed what I knew from the time I walked in the door: nothing in common, total jerk. And I chose then to leave, which was probably the most awkward time of the entire night.

At least there were other people around.

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I had a guy ask me out after high school whom I normally would have never said yes to,but for some reason,I figured why not.His idea of a date was going to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with his friends So,I made my friend go with.We went out somewhere afterwards for a snack,and he was such an arse.He talked down to me and made me feel like I was nothing because I was working instead of being in college.Then at the end,wanted a kiss Come to find out,he graduated high school the same year I did,so he was no better then me
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This guy was a friend-of-a-friend and had let it be known he was interested in me for a few months. He wasn't really my type, but I figured I should give him a shot, I had met him out with friends several times, he was funny and decently smart, I thought. So, he picks me up and tells me he wants to take me to some store- I didn't recognize the name and he just kept talking about how cool it was. Half hour drive to the store. Oh, wow. It's a comic book store. And everyone knows him. I am in no way interested in comics, no offense to those who are, but it's definitely a niche kind of thing and it struck me as UUUUUBER nerdy for this guy to take me there on a FIRST DATE when he had been trying to get me to go out with him for weeks. So I'm being a good sport, he's telling me all about the comics and I'm smiling and nodding and joking. Then he tells me we should go get something to eat and says, "Well, there's a Hooters not far from here, what about that?" I'm serious. Hooters. On a first date. I just laughed and said I didn't really care. It didn't offend me, and their food is ok, but it was just SO clueless for a guy to take a girl there the first time they go out! In his defense, he did pay, he did not make any inappropriate comments to the (very attractive) waitress, and he was a perfect gentleman when he dropped me off and I politely refused his offer of a kiss and told him I didn't really think we should be more than friends.

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I went to an anime convention with a guy. I had sort of hung out with him before that and we were kind of hitting it off so we went to the con together.

I drove out there because he didn't have a car. He made me pay for gas (and like a dummy I did it!) borrowed part of a costume I had and then when we got to the con just wanted to hang out with his friends!

He then wondered why I wasn't interested in him after that.
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haha these stories are so funny! I guess we all have our own bad date experiences.

The Good:
My first date with my current bf was really great. We had Starbucks first, where we talked for about 2 hours and the time flew by! We went back to my house, played with my puppy, then went out to dinner where more awesomeness ensued. All in all very enjoyable!

The Bad:
Went out with this one guy a few years ago that I met online. We were meeting at Macaroni Grill, and he had obviously gotten there before me, b/c he told EVERYONE who worked there that we were on a blind date and had met online. Now, I'm not ashamed of doing online dating, but to have multiple waitresses come by and comment on how "cute" we were was just SLIGHTLY embarrassing. I could have overlooked this if the guy was remotely interesting. He literally just sat there and stared at his food all night. He'd answer my questions with a one-sentence answer...and then back to silence. Needless to say that was our only date.

The Ugly:
The worst date I've probably ever been on involved another online guy (noticing a trend?). We went to dinner first, which was ok, nothing special. Then, he wanted to take me somewhere "special". I was an idiot and got into his car, where he drove me to downtown Nashville to the Parthenon (which was closed at the time). He then opened the trunk of his car and blasted out this Rascal Flatts song describing "true love", over which he had recorded his OWN voice talking about how we were "meant to be". He then asked me to dance to this weird "song" and we stood there awkwardly swaying for a few minutes lmao. Then, he shoved his tongue down my throat. That was when I told him we needed to go. God, that was so weird.

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I went on a few dates with the one guy because I was fresh out of an emotionally abusive relationship, I felt fat, unloved, and I was out to prove a point that my life hadn't collapsed when we broke up. He was SO not my type but I kept going on dates with him because he was the only one showing interest (And he also looked like a less built Jason Statham).

He was boring. SO boring. He also spent an hour explaining why he's not gay for being in school to be a hair stylist, look guy.. I'm on a date with you, you probably shouldn't spend so much time trying to convince me you are straight. You're only going to make me think the opposite. He made me pick him up on our first date because his dad wouldn't let him borrow the car. And threw a minor hissy fit about it. "HE KNEW I HAD A DATE TONIGHT AND HE WON'T LET ME TAKE IT." You would think we were 16, but no. He was 28. Then another night I picked him up, drove him to my house, where we watched movies. Not only did he yell through the wall at my neighbors because he though thin walls were funny, when it came time to drive him home, he started whining like a 3 year old because he didn't want to leave yet. I told him if he doesn't get his a$$ off my couch right now, I'm not driving him home and he'll have to walk. I wish I had made him walk. Then the day after that I called him to tell him I wasn't going to see him again and he interrupted me and asked me if he could call me back when NCIS was over. By the time NCIS was over, I was too fuming to answer the phone and blocked him.

My first date with my current boyfriend was FANTASTIC. He came over to watch the Simpsons before we went to see Inception (He had been a friend for 6 years, so him coming over on a first date didn't skeeve me out hehe). We saw about 3 episodes before we left for the movie. After the movie we were looking for an excuse to keep the date going to we went to a 24 hour diner. At about 10:30PM. And we stayed there until 2:30AM hehe. He also almost killed me by making me laugh! I inhaled my mountain dew at a particularly funny joke and I was coughing so hard I thought I was going to vomit. Apparently he thought so too because he STILL brings up how he almost killed me and felt really bad about it. I keep telling him that I'm obviously alive so it's all good. Man, that date was the best.
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