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Default The Positive Thread

I thought maybe we could have this thread where we share ONLY the positive things in our life with each other. I think that talking about the positive aspects of your life with others makes you focus on it more, and hopefully will really pick us up when we need it and get us to appreciate what we have. I'll start?

I'm happy because I have a few events coming up. 21st party this weekend, work christmas party and my cousin's 18th next weekend, fancy dress party the following weekend, christmas, new years, and maybe another birthday party after that. Then in February I might be going to either Hawaii or the Gold Coast (AUS)! I bought two nice dresses today and they were so cheap, and I had a great day out in the city with my friend.
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This is the season for "events"!! I have a party this saturday and then another I'm throwing with a couple friends the saturday after. I'm still trying to figure out what Im gonna wear!!

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Yes! The positive threads I LOVE.

If you go in the support groups and into the 100+ club there is a monthly "Attitude of Gratitude."

It is my new favorite thing and really makes a daily difference in my life.

It sounds like you have some wonderful events to look forward to in the weeks (and months) ahead. That is great!
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yep I'm gonna try and find a positive every day and post it in this thread. I think we all should- if we focus on the positives, we feel happier and more motivated overall. Hopefully this thread helps myself and others to develop a more positive way of thought.
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Leveling Up
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Yay positive thread! I'm super jealous of the places you might get to go to!!

My fiancee got a better job. This means we can start saving even more for our wedding and future home/apartment. He called me up and said "This means we can start moving things forward."

Very exciting Should I start shopping for wedding dresses? Haha
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hmm... for me it is hard to find too much positivity right now. I'm just simply stressed due to law school finals! However, here is my attempt to look on the bright side.

- On December 15th at 1 p.m. I will be half done law school!!! I can't believe how fast it has been flying by!
- Also, I am super excited for my baby sister. Her cheerleading team won the AYF national championships for their division in Disney last December, and they won regionals on Sunday sending them back to compete again this year!!
- On Christmas, my fiance and I will have been engaged for a year... it is slightly sad that we still have not yet set a date, but what is truly important is that we are happy and appreciate each other very much. Our relationship only grows stronger each day.
- My fiance is in his first term of college (he was finally able to get the money to go) and he has an A and a B+. Hopefully he is starting to believe in himself, too!

Okay, I found more positive things than expected, which is great!

Goal This Year - 160
Ultimate Goal - 135
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Changing my life
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Love positive threads. I am all about accentuating the positives in my life.

I am a Christmas nut. So this time of year is so.much.fun. for me. Finding the perfect gifts for people, the joy of family time, singing Christmas songs with my son & niece, cooking fun holiday foods.

My list of positives could go on for way too long, so I'll stop there!
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I am going to be an aunt this next year (July).
I actually worked out twice this week so far. That's more than the last five months combined.
Yesterday was the happiest I've been for no apparent reason since my break up in April. I'm blaming the exercise.
I haven't eaten out this week at all.
I have been vegetarian for 137 days and I love it.
I got 100% on my first assignment for my master's program.

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Changing for good!
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My reasons to be happy;

* I weigh less (even 3 pounds!) than I did on the first of November. Progress!

* I am feeling better in my skin every single day that I work on my weight.

* My toddler is napping at the moment and my other 2 children are at school and activities until 4:30pm today... AHHHHHHH!

*The birds are singing and it's going to be 85F/30C here today.

* I love Christmas too, and we're putting up the tree on Saturday morning. I love the carols, the cookies (but not too many this year!), the anticipation, the presents!

* My sister is coming to visit in 2 months, and will be staying for 3 weeks! (She's in north america, I'm in south.. so it's a big deal!)

For every 5 pounds lost:
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Super positive, having just completed NanoWriMo and stepped back a dozen years to when I felt most accomplished. Whatever fell in between has gone and I am back to writing ... full time.

Even more positive and this I will say every day for ... well ... for as long as I live. I have the most wonderful partner in the world. Every day I will be thankful for that.
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No description available.
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I got a hair cut and there was enough cut off to donate it, which was a pleasant surprise.
"And that's how Beowulf rolls"~ my DD
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Sufferer of abibliophobia
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My husband and I have been together for 13 years. After a slump in our marriage, we're now more in love than ever before.

#1: 191 - No longer obese; Met 10/26/2011
#2: 180 - My 'lightest' after having kids; Met 11/16/2011
#3: 170 - Just because I needed an in between goal!
#4: 160/159 - My 'heaviest' before having kids/no longer overweight
Final: 150 - digging through my old 'skinny' clothes!
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I am in control.
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I love this thread. It is so great to read through this and see so much positivity. Weight-loss takes over so much of our lives sometimes, and it can really be a strong determinant in how our emotions are doing daily (meaning sometimes it can make us feel really bad and negative about ourselves).

Today, I am happy that:
  • My husband and I are officially trying for our first child
  • It is bright and sunny today even though it is 40 degrees
  • It's December...one of my favorite months because of the many family members I get to see around the holidays
  • I am healthy
Original Goal Story and Pictures from 2011 here

Being fat is hard. Losing weight is hard. Maintaining your weight is hard. Pick your hard.
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I can dream, can't I?
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I wasn't feeling very positive this morning, then I baby-sat my 2 1/2 year old great grandson. Turns a sore day very sweet. Just love all my babies to pieces. So, my first positive is always FAMILY.
A second positive is GOOD HEALTH. Yes, I am overweight and working on it, but I am pretty darn healthy none the less.

Love the idea of a daily positive. I will try to remember to pop in here again.


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Maintaining Mommy
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My husband and I are going through our first IVF cycle, and the stimulation has worked very well and I will be triggering tomorrow. I was so afraid things wouldn't work, and I am incredibly grateful that they are so far. I feel very blessed and lucky for so many reasons right now.
Began weight loss ~ January 18, 2011 at 280 lbs
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Met revised goal ~ 135 lbs on May 12, 2012
Pregnancy May 2012 - January 2013
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Now maintaining < 135 lbs

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