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Default what are you doing with your FAT CLOTHES?

I started losing weight when I was in a size 22/24. I now wear a size 16 missy. Last winter after getting down to a size 18 and a 1X in tops, I started bagging up my fat clothes to give away to the Salvation army. I didn't actually give them away though until I was confident I wouldn't gain back the weight.

Now I'm wearing a size 16 missy. I wear XL tops and I I've been bagging up my old clothes quick, fast and in a hurry. But I'ma hold on to a few things just in case I back slide a little. But once I get past a 16 those last plus sizes will be out the door!

So what about you guys? What have you done with your fat clothes as you've gone from your larger to smaller sizes?

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Donated them to Goodwill.
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I will be binning mine, they're only fit for rags anyway (no charity shop would sell them) as I haven't bought clothes in so long, and good riddance :-)
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I have been donating them at the back door of the Goodwill store. Then I go around to the front and go in the front door to buy more clothes to wear. I have been through three cycles of doing this so far. Yesterday was the third time for me. I have went from a 56 inch waist to a 38 inch waist.

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I went from a 22/24 down to a 6 eventually. I brought my nicer clothes to a consignment shop and used the credit for new clothes. The still good but not perfect/big label clothes went to the local thrift stores. I kept one pair of pants for the official "old pants" picture but nothing else. I don't want it to be easy to regain weight.
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Donate them, give away, get 'em out of the closet. I do not plan on wearing them again.
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I've given all my 16's and most of my 14's away before we moved. I now have some 12's and a few 14's that are still left in my closet but I'm not sure what to do with them yet.

We're planning on TTCing once I hit a healthy BMI so I'm debating if I should wait to see if I can wear them again if I get pregnant. I also have a lot of plus sized maternity clothes that are brand new (I had a miscarriage earlier this year) so I'm hoping I can get those altered but I'm not sure if it'll be possible or now, we'll have to see! Otherwise I'll probably take the nicer things to a consignment shop and the rest give away.

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About half way down, my mother and I had a garage sale where we specifically advertised plus size clothing and we sold out fast. We priced them quite low as we really just wanted to help others out. This was in a town that did not have a thrift shop at the time. Since then, I do what Larry does-They go to the back door of Goodwill and i go in the the front door to look for more. I do recommend keeping one shirt and one pair of pants. I just kept a pair of pants and I wish I had kept a shirt. I can fit in one pants leg of my "old pants"
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some of the stuff I've repurposed. I made a pair of jeans into a handbag. Having the bigger sizes around gives you a nice size bag!

I've been teaching myself how to sew, so having old clothes around that I don't care about really helps because I can practice without worrying about wasting money on material.

I've taken in a pair of jeans or two, but I generally don't want to go beyond two sizes. I've gotten much smaller than the majority of my clothes, so I can't really do this anymore.

monmis12 - That really sounds like a great idea. I might do that because I have a HUGE amount of plus size clothes (including quite a lot from Torrid) and I know how hard it is to find decent plus sized clothing and I need money to fund my new wardrobe.

Edit: I also agree with keeping a few pairs around just to see how far you've come I have a pair of size 14 skinny jeans that were too tight on me when I bought them and now I can't wear them because they will fall off. I have one of my size 18 skirts for perspective too.

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I had quite a few of my clothes taken in by a friend, in fact, kept having to get them made smaller. But after a 40 lb loss, it got too difficult to alter them any further. So I had to give them to Value Village and as Larry H noted, it's to the back door with the old and out the front door with the "new"!

Main thing was that this time, I am NOT keeping my fat clothes around. I WON'T use them again. I have learned that once the weight is off, you can't revert to your old ways--maintenance is as important as losing the weight. So good-bye fat clothes, may you be of use to someone else.
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My mom has also lost weight this year, so first I gave her my 12's, then my 10's and 8's. I've also donated a lot to Salvation Army.
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All of my nice clothes, I gave to friends. Church dresses, etc. The rest has been donated to Goodwill!

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Forever Optimistic
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I wish I had kept my size 22/24s. But shot I have a few pictures of myself that size that I hate looking at. But shoot at least I've got a good before pic that I can reference.
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Originally Posted by Larry H View Post
I have been donating them at the back door of the Goodwill store. Then I go around to the front and go in the front door to buy more clothes to wear.

This! Though for me it is mostly the Airman's Attic - a charity shop type thing the base has except that everything is free, people donate stuff and it is run by volunteers and can only be "shopped" up to a certain rank. I'm lucky to be getting this weight loss thing done while my DH is still at the highest rank that is allowed to use it. If I need something that I can't find there then I hit Goodwill and then clearance racks after that. I almost never buy any outer clothing new and what little I do buy is usually at least 50% off. The only thing I buy new is undies. I have gone from a 22 to an 8 so far, buying all those clothes new would have killed us, my veggies are expensive enough as it is!

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I have a huge heap of fat clothes in the spare room. They really aren't that nice, not sure if they're fit for goodwill.

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