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Default Who all knows your real true weight?

How open are you to share it with others? My doctor knows and my BF's.Heck, even my drivers license doesn't know the right number,but NEVER my DH! Last night he asked if I was about done losing weight. I said no, that I am still over weight and maybe another 10 lbs or so, then I'll reevaluate the situation.He didn't believe I said I weighed about 168, and got on the scale to prove it. He was shocked and said he really thought I was about 20 lbs lighter.(Gosh, I love that guy! )
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My husband guessed that I was 140 pounds when I first met him... I was 170. He apparently didn't notice that I had gained any weight by the time we got married (I had gained 20 lbs). He also does not believe that my pregnancy has brought me up over 200 lbs now... I just said over 200 last time he asked... not 220!

My doctor is the only one who knows my true weight I guess, because my husband told me our scale was broken last time he used it (it is not, but he is also in denial that he has gained weight... lol)
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From the way I carry my weight, and the fact that I have a large frame, I don't "look" like I weight 185. I look a good 15 lbs lighter. Even the nurses at the doctor's office think I am around 15 lbs lighter when they weigh me. I just told my mom last week that I was up to 206 last March and that I'd lost about 20 lbs and she was surprised that I weigh as much as I do. My body is very solid, and I carry my weight all over, and am fairly muscular, so I can see why people are fooled.

Aside from my mom and my husband, no one knows my true weight, except for the chickies here.
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Everyone knows my exact number. I am open about it and also post a scale pic on facebook every Monday.
Hiding my weight from people got me to 285. Not doing that again!

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I list my weight on my blog almost every day and I write about my weight-loss project once per week with an official weigh-in. My blog is linked to my Facebook and open to the public - so in theory, anybody could know.

I lost 40 lbs between Nov 2010 and Nov 2011 doing low-sugar for my "50 Pounds in 50 Weeks" project. I bounced halfway back up so I'm back for more!

I blog about personal finance at Evolving PF
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Move over Kim Kardashian!
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Everyone knows my real weight. EXCEPT DH....
He still thinks I weigh 140, well now when I told him I need to lose another 20-30 lb and he said "What? Weighin 110 lb isnt enough for you?" LOL Yeah I love that guy.

I only told him I will tell him my original weight when I'm done.
I'm sure his jaw will drop!!

I also carry my weight really well, but at 215 i did look obese...unfortunately, or as much as I wanna lie to myself, it wasnt nearly as nice as it is now.
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I agree about letting everyone know you number.. If anyone asks I will tell them the right number.. I currently weigh 261, I am borderline morbidly obese..I have a disease and I need support.

We live in a world of illusion..everyone thinks smaller numbers..basically we are all in denial that the world is dying from OBESITY... a plump frame has become acceptable, an unhealthy body is the " NORM" ...

Being OBESE should never be normal.. its deadly.. we need to help this denial and speak the TRUTH!
Give testimony of our actual weights..so that we can change our world and save our friends and family!
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I don't go around announcing my weight to everyone or anything, but if it comes up in coversation I will always give my current weight accurately and I'll give my high weight about 80% of the time. For me, being open about it was part of my loss process... I couldn't pretend like it wasn't a problem anymore. Ignoring it didn't make it go away -- owning the situation forced me to deal with it.

My blog: http://bit.ly/jen516blog
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You guys know, and that is it. Totally a personal thing to me, even if I weighed 115 lbs, I wouldn't tell. I made my kids cover their eyes when I weighed myself on the Wiii, but they peeked and are under strict instructions to not tell anyone.
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My husband knows my weight....now but he did not before. I have no problem letting people know at this weight.
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Other day, i saw dr phil's program about blended family. He said you should dicipline your kids and he shud dicipline his kids. You shud show love and affection to all the kids and it is true for him.
Do not segregation as his and mine. The kids will do that and they have right to do that. You have to be patient with them.
Try to do small small project with them. Try to trust them
Lots and lots of luck to you and your family.
You are a winner, you have succeeded in weightloss game and you will succeed in family game also!!!
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Very few people know my current weight or my starting weight. My doctors, my husband, my sister and a friend - and I only recently shared the numbers with my sister and my friend. My husband has known from the start, as I really needed to be able to talk about it once I made the decision to DO something about it, and his support has been so essential. I tell him every time the scale moves down, and whether he is just feigning excitement or not doesn't matter; it just feels wonderful to have him tell me how proud he is of me.

I do share with people the number of pounds that I have lost when they ask, though at some point I'm going to have to stop doing that as it will become clear just how high my weight was to begin with! I don't know why, but I'm still embarrassed to have people know that - even though I'm sure it was obvious.
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Just 3FC!

The only way I am going to fail is if I give up.
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I don't hide my weight. It doesn't ordinarily come up in conversations with strangers (though it has on once or twice).

I'm not ashamed of my weight, and I strongly believe that the culturally endorsed shame and pressure to be deceptive regarding weight, especially for women has contributed to the obesity problem.

The reason no one "looks" their weight, is because no one knows what real weight look like. If most women (even at a healthy weight) shave off 10 to 25 lbs off their real weight, is it any wonder that people are shocked and don't believe when they're told real weights.

When people used to say "you don't look that big," I used to take it as a compliment and say "Thank you." Now I smile and say, "Yes, I do, this is what 30X lbs looks like."

I say that because I know that I don't "carry my weight well," anymore. When I was younger and much more active, I could convince myself that I did look smaller than I seemed because I probably had more muscle than many people my weight. I don't have that bit of denial anymore, because my health issues make me extremely inactive. I know I don't have a high proportion of muscle, it's all fat - so I know that I'm taking up about as much volume as a person my weight can. So when people think I don't look like I weigh more htan 300 lbs, it's because they don't know what 300 lbs looks like.

I think the culturally obligated denial and shame is killing us. People delay getting help because of the shame or because of the denial, thinking they look thinner than they do, so the problem can't be all that bad.

I think it's extremely important to remove the stigma attached to weight, so that it's not a struggle that has to be hidden.
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Spartan Kitty
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Some of you are so lucky, I look every pound of my 220ish (except in my face, where I lose first so I look a bit thinner there).

My dh is the only one who knows, besides you all. We're weird, but we keep tabs on each others weight and weight loss, so I also know exactly how much my dh weighs. I suppose I would tell other people, but no one ever asks. My mom and I talk in sizes instead of weight, and the only number other people seem to want to know is how much I've lost. So I don't care if people know, it just never seems to come up.
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