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Thumbs down Had to go to the ER today.

I was feeling kind of queasy today so I cut out of work about 30 minutes early. I stepped off the sidewalk on my way to the car, and felt/heard something in my right ankle pop. It hurt SOOOOO badly!! I was half crying and cussed once or twice...Oopsie...My ankle swelled up to 4 times its size and putting ice on it for an hour didn't help much.

Went to urgent care and they were closed, so off to the ER with a $100 copay. I waited for 2 hours to be seen and another hour before I got an xray. They gave me some more ice for my ankle and pain meds to hold me over during the second wait which was soo very nice of them to do!.

The xray showed no break, but the doc said I had some calcification from what looked like an old break. I had hurt it like 10 years ago at one of those knockoff Curves gyms. I was convinced than that I had broken it, but the xrays showed no break. There was talk of a bone density scan to check for a hairline fracture. Instead, there was no scan done. I was told it was a spur and I needed to lose weight so it would stop hurting. Diet and workouts were recommended. Thanks Captian Obvious, but that's what got me here in the first place!!! I delt with mild swelling and pain for the next few years and it seemed to go away.

Than today happened. The doc didn't seem to think something from that long ago would still affect me now, but I can't think of any other time that I could have broken it without knowing...

They put a splint on it and gave me crutches and rx for stuff to help with the swelling and pain. I was told to stay off it for as much as possible, but I could try to take it off after 1 week to see if it feels better. If so, its a sprain and I should be okay. If not, than we will have to see a orthapedic (sp) to see whats wrong.

My 1rst big issue...How the heck do I get comfortable in this splint? Trying to sleep with it is weird and navigating our tiny apartment with crutches is a challange!

2ond issue...I work retail and am the assistant manager. We are down 1 supervisor right now, which leaves two others, my boss and a supervisor to take the brunt of the work while I heal. I was given limited work permission from the doc. No lifting any boxes or stuff 15lbs or heavier. Stay off my feet as long as possible, and limit my movement. This is retail!! What I am not allowed to do, is what I do, day in and day out!! I don't want to lose my job over this and I am really worried.

I have insurance and PTO, but $100 copay and whatever bill I get from my insurance company or hospital will be hard to pay as it is. If I get fired, or even get on a poop list over this, its just going to stress me out further...

I am really hoping its just a sprain and nothing more. Sorry..I just needed to vent. I am going to attempt to sleep again with this big ole splint on my foot.
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So sorry this happened to you. It stinks to be in pain, set back on your journey to better health, and worried about your job all because of a mis-step! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Your attitude shows that you are a diligent, motivated employee, not someone who would milk an injury or take fake sick days. If they are at all reasonable (which, granted, isn't a given these days), they will work with you to accommodate your set back. Hopefully, this will get resolved soon.
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I am so sorry this happened to you

I know how painful those injuries can be!!

Prayers it is just a sprain (which can take a long time to heal sometimes )

I am sure it will be difficult for your boss and fellow employees however, as in my occupation of construction, when someone is hurt everyone else needs to chip in a little with understanding...

we all get sick or injured.

Prayers for a speedy recovery
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Wow, sounds like something similar that happened to me back in February. I was at a party my sister was having and a few of us were playing around wrestling, I was standing at the end of the couch tickling another friends foot when all of a sudden something popped in my right foot. Didn't help that I had just been dipping in the Long Island Ice tea lol. It didn't hurt at first but when I went to take a step back and ask if someone had kicked me, I stepped back on it and pain shot up me so bad I just immediately fell over because I couldn't put my weight down on the foot, everyone thought I was joking because I had just literally been standing there. It wasn't until I started crying like a 3 year old that they came rushing, and pulled my shoe off (that also hurt like h-e double hockey sticks). The left side of my right foot was swollen and bruised. They helped get me to the bathroom to soak it for a bit, I couldn't stand on it at all.

When I got home, (I share a house with my uncle), he went to the basement and got my other uncles old walker for me. If I wasn't using the walker, I would hop on 1 foot everywhere in the house. (My 305 butt hopping around on 1 foot.. I probably lost some weight just from that little trick). Used a ankle heat up wrap and worked on it daily as I had decided to start rehabbing myself after a week.

When I was born, the same foot was twisted and my family used to always joke that they had accidentally took my foot off and put it back on which is why my baby photos had a cast on it. I think my grandma told me that they had to break it and put it in a cast for it to grow properly. I never had problems with my foot, running, walking or hopping up until 29 years later in Feb.

I didn't go to the doctor because I didn't have health insurance, but I have training in sprains so I treated myself and it's healed pretty well so far. I started myself off with a brace and a walker, then a cane and now I can walk without the walker or cane, but I still wear the brace if I'm going to be going long distances like my 5am 2 mile walks 5 days a week. It won't be completely back to normal range until probably December. I also photoed the progression of the bruise until it was all gone.

I think it was definitally due to my weight, and thankfully its healing even faster since I've been losing pounds. I was about 305 back in Feb. Down to 285 as of this morning. Be very careful, our muscles and ligaments can only hold us up for so long lol XD I hope you get better very soon!

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Ack! I'm so sorry you've hurt yourself! I'll be wishing for a speedy recovery!
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