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Default Extremely irregular TOM...problem?

Hey everyone, just wanted to get some opinions/feedback/thoughts on something...

I've never, ever been a regular TOM person. It came when I was 11, didn't get it again for 9 months, and has been sporadic and unpredictable ever since. When it does come everything is pretty "normal" - lasts a few days, moody, crampy, what have you. On the birth control pill it is regular like clockwork, but the pill has had some negative effects so I went off it.

I have been pregnant before so I know I'm not infertile or anything. I guess I was just wondering if there's anything "wrong" with super irregular periods? All my "numbers" are well within a healthy range, I never get sick, and I don't have any PCOS symptoms or other reproductive problems.
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There could potentially be something wrong. Have you gone to a doctor for the issue?

I don't have regular periods myself. A gyn once told me that as long as I have a period every three months my body she be okay. It is just something to keep in mind.
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Did you get your hormones checked?
It may be a very light case of PCOS or another irregularity in hormonal ballance.

You should get yourself checked because irregular periods raise the chance of uterine cancer a lot.
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I was extremely skinny (underweight) for most of my life. Most of the doctors brushed off my PCOS symptoms and refused to take me seriously because I was not obese or overweight like most pcos'ers. Infact several doctor stated that I had nothing to worry about since my hormones checked out normal eventhough it was on the high-side of normal. So I would suggest you go to a good doctor who will take you seriously. The most success I have had is with a reproductive endocrinologist. You might not have PCOS, but there are other adrenal, pituitary or thyroid conditions that can affect your cycle.

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You should get yourself checked because irregular periods raise the chance of uterine cancer a lot.
This -- should have a menses at least 3-4 times a year the last I talked to a doc about it. Provera I've requested before when not on BCP.

I'm in the same boat, though I do have PCOS and at my weight, the symptoms are more annoying -- hairy chin, acne, etc. When I was younger and slimmer, the only real problem was lack of menses though. So perhaps you have a light case? Or some other thing messing with your hormones?

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Yeah, get it checked out again.
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It hasn't been my TOM for about 3-4 months. I'm starting to get a little worried, but I think its probably due to rapid weight gain and stress...
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