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Default Vegas Weddings

What are your opinions?

When you hear "Married in Vegas" do you automatically think that Elvis married the couple?

Do you think it is cheesy?

*obviously this is not really directed for advice for me, for I am still kicking around moving in with my guy lol *

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I got married in Vegas - a small chapel off the strip. I was on a budget and my fiance and I had family/friend all over the country. Since nearly everyone had to travel (and it's driving distance from where we live in SD), it was a cheap and convenient travel option.

Our wedding cost 3400.00 and included: chapel, minister, cake, flowers, photographer, video, transportation to and from the strip, champagne toast, DJ, open bar, chair ribbons, table decorations and surprisingly good food.

It was nice not to have to do a ton of planning, everything was handled perfectly by the venue.

Here is the place we used, it's not super pretty on the outside, but it was great.

Quite a few pics from my wedding scattered among these
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I don't think it's cheesy at all. If it's something that the bride and groom want then they should go for it. As far as I'm concerned the wedding day should be about what that couple wants; not anyone else.*

* disclaimer: I've been to way too many weddings where the couple's wishes were usurped by what their parents/other relatives wanted and the end result was that while they were happy to get married they weren't happy with the actual wedding.
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my daughter got married at 18 and was divorced at 19..

she's been with the current guy for almost 2 1/2 years on and off, they just got back together after a 3 month nasty breakup...decided they cant live without each other...went to Vegas for her birthday this Monday and got married there on Wednesday...she always joked she would be married by Elvis in Vegas if she ever did it again


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I wanted a drive through wedding in Vegas, my husband wasn't having it. I actually abhor Vegas so me going there at all would be well unlikely Although I kind of liked the idea of a Caesar's palace wedding but that is because I am so in love with Roman history

I say do what you like. There are lots of chapels that are vegas like around the country in that you can have an all in one wedding, minimal planning. It doesn't have to be vegas but it can. We had a flower/chapel/photography bundle at a wedding chapel in Maryland. It was an old converted church and was just my type of wedding. I'm not religious but I love old style churches and chapels. So it was quite a predicament in that I wanted a wedding in a small chapel and even thought about joining a church temporarily to do it... Luckily, I didn't have to do that.
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I'm 33, single, and if I ever get married I'm going whatever route is the least fussy. If that's Vegas, great, or if it's the beach, or in a park . . . I guess my point is that wedding planning has always seemed like a massive undertaking and more stress than it's worth. I've been in quite a few weddings, and even my most easy-going friends had one or two bridezilla moments. I would want to avoid that as much as possible.

I think, for some people, the solemnity of the vows needs a solemn, traditional place. I'm not one of those people. If I am serious about what I'm promising, it doesn't matter if it happens in a beautifully decorated church or in an Elvis-themed chapel.
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I didn't do Vegas, but if I lived close I would. I think it is absolutely ridiculous the pomp that goes into most American weddings. That money could go to such better things! And it's not like it's a lesser day with less glitz.

My husband and I did an equivalent Vegas wedding. We got married by a judge in Chicago in the courthouse. Our entire wedding - my dress suit, his new tie and pants (to go with an existing jacket), our wedding bands, fee for marriage, our one day honeymoon, pictures, taking our witnessed out for lunch afterwards and our honeymoon meals cost us $500 total in 1993. It's just as special to us as any big fancy wedding would have been, I'm sure. And no headache!

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Yeah our wedding cost $2k and it included dinner/drinks for 20 people. It was fun and we all had a great time.
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I think it's really neat. I want a friend to get married in Vegas (or have a big bachelorette party there at least) just to have an excuse to go. I love Vegas.

I wonder, though, if I like the idea mostly because I'm not a big fan of the whole wedding thing, and honestly can't ever imagine having one myself.
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My sister got married in vegas, she had a beautiful dress on and everything. It was actually really nice. I think it's over-rated but hey to each is their own.
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A cousin of mine got married in Vegas an it was a very nice ceremony but at the end it's up to the couple an what they want to do. My husband and I got married at a local library but it's what we wanted to do and 5 yrs later I don't regret it at all

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It's funny, I have been to some really nice Vegas weddings in various hotels... but when I hear that someone got married in Vegas, eloping on the cheap is the first thing that comes to mind. Weird.

However - I had a big white wedding the first time around, and if I ever do it again, it will be small & simple
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I think a Vegas wedding is no cheesier than a lot of traditional weddings. It's what works for the couple, as many others have said. I did a more traditional wedding, but only after my Vegas suggestion got shot down.
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I don't think one way or another about them.

Sure the stereotype is a tiny chapel married by Elvis, but even that isn't really more or less cheesy than some of the bigger weddings I've seen.

To each their own brand of cheesy! Long as the couple is happy and gracious to their guests.
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Wow. I never knew Vegas weddings meant so much was organised for you! Maybe I'll get married there too! Haha! When you said Vegas weddings I thought you meant the drunken quicky ones, but I never realised that they did proper weddings. How naive of me, and I've actually been to Vegas!

I don't really have an opinion of it! Every event makes for a story to tell, so whether its a Vegas wedding or on in a castle it'll still be interesting to me. A wedding is a wedding, and if the bride and groom are happy then good for them whatever they choose!
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