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Default Seasickness

I need some opinions.

On Sunday I'm going to go whale watching for the first time. I'm very excited. I love the ocean and I really love whales. That said, I've always had problems with motion sickness. Mostly it's been a problem in cars. A few years back I started taking ginger pills and that's pretty much solved that whole car sickness thing. But I'm worried that the ginger might not be strong enough to suppress any possible seasickness that may arise. I'd hate to miss a whale sighting because I was too busy barfing over the side of the boat.

So what do you think? Should I try it out with the ginger or should I go find some sort of over the counter motion sickness medication?
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After I had my 2nd child, my equilibruim has been out of whack. I went from being a rollercoaster queen to getting dizzy and nauseous walking near spinning rides. I take Dramimine, two if it's going to be a long day at the amusement park. It doesn't cure it completely, but it helps ALOT.
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my daughter took ginger before her first cruise but started the week before...helped her...
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My DD takes dramamine for long car rides but she hasn't yet been on a boat for an extended period. It's been great for the car though. We start with 1/2 a pill and then she takes the other half if she needs it. It make s her sleepy so we try to keep it as low of a dose as we can. I would definitely take it on the boat just in case. Seems to kick in pretty quickly, 20 minutes or so.
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I get sick in cars and boats. A few years ago, I took a dramamine before I went on my brother's boat. It knocked me out cold in 20 minutes. Seriously, I slept like a rock for four hours. I took it and could not keep my eyes open. There was no fighting it. On the other hand, it did beat vomiting over the side, which I would normally do.
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Definitely make sure you stay outside on deck! Inside and especially under the water level is the worst. You need to see the horizon! Have fun!!!

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darn i didn't get here in time. for anyone else though i highly recommend SeaBands. also good for morning sickness.
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Ditto on getting here on time to respond, I used to work for a whale watching tour company - and I get insanely motion sick.

Sea bands, ginger, crackers, staying in the back of the boat, staying outside in the fresh air, and eating very thick oatmeal an hour before going on board (a Navy guy with 20 years of experience on 20 foot seas told me that one) with a dose of Bonine or Dramamine, and some coffee.

Those are my tips
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Bonine! (sp) It works! I used it on a cruise and I really recommend it. It worked for a full 12 hours. Get some!
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