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Default Moving from one "Washington" to another?

I've been reading these forums for a couple of weeks now and it seems like a lot of people give good advice. I need advice about a possible job transfer.

I currently live in the Washington DC metro area. My company wants me to transfer to Seattle for at least 12 months for a project. I went to Seattle a couple of weeks ago for a few days to get a taste of the city. I think I would like it there, but I know that visiting a city for 72 hours isn't going to really show you all the PROs and CONs of a place.

Does anyone on here live in Seattle and/or lived in Seattle? I've never lived on the west coast before. I've only lived on the east coast. This would be a very drastic move for me.

I'm aware of the lack of sunlight in the Seattle area. I find that the people over there are just a lot more relaxed and friendly compared to the DC area. Any thoughts about Seattle are greatly appreciated.
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Okay, so I haven't lived in Seattle, but I've lived in Portland and am currently still on the West Coast. I've also lived on the East Coast. I have to say, I love it out here. Yes, it rains. But I normally don't mind it and it's a lot better than the nor'easters. I've been to Seattle several times and find that it's a fantastic city -- lots to do, friendly people, relaxed attitudes, good restaurants, etc. So I would say go for it.
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I don't live in Seattle OR the US but I grew up in Vancouver (British Columbia), lived there for 27 years.

The west coast is beautiful. I now live on the east coast. Of course, there's pros and cons. It's not "dark" out there and the rain is different. Here,when it rains, it RAINS. Out there, when it rains, life goes on. Here people tend to stay indoors and don't do anything, whereas rain does not stop people in Seattle, from running, jogging, shopping, hanging out in the great outdoors

I've only been on the east coast for 2 weeks and that's already my observation!

Seattle itself is a very clean and beautiful city, the food is wonderful (I already miss the salmon), the people are super friendly, the city itself is gorgeous (the suburbs are all very nice).

Would you go to Seattle itself or a nearby suburb?

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My son moved from Washington County MD to Tacoma Wa, a few years back...would still be there if he hadnt got homesick for family and friends and his beloved Grammy having been diagnosed with cancer...

he said everyone talks about the "rain" but it's different from east coast rain...its more misty, and when they complain about the humidity after you lived through a DC July at 110% humidity you will laugh....the temps are wonderful and there was more sunshine than he expected.

He LOVED the people, he said it's much more relaxed....even driving...no road rage. He said its a totally different world.

and finally the beauty, if you love outdoor activities like he did, there is plenty to do, you have the beauty of the mountains and water and all the activity of a big city.

Keep us posted and have a safe trip!

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I live on the dry side of the state. WA is a great state. Wait until you see Mt. Rainier or the Olympics on a sunny day.
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My sister lives in DC and my brother lives in Seattle. They are totally different personalities and I would say their personalities match their cities: he's more laid-back, and she's more high-strung. (however my opnions of the cities may be shaped by whose turf I'm on!) I think this is a great opportunity to experience a new city. You're right, people do seem much more friendly, random people will strike up a conversation on a street corner. People are a lot more outdoorsy in Seattle and seem to always be going hiking, camping, skiing, etc. They take time for themselves, where DC is much more work-work-work type of thing.

It's funny, at my sister's wedding in DC - it POURED rain (we still had a blast). At my brother's wedding in Seattle - our sunset dinner on the water on a clear day with a view of Mr. Rainier was completely breathtaking.
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I'm originally from Washington state!!!! It is beautiful and lovely and I wish I could go back RIGHT NOW.
I lived on both coasts and in between. Washington has the best weather in my opinion, no snow, low humidity. It's a really mild climate! And I second someone else's comment - the rain is a kind of misty, drizzly rain (not torrential downpours all of the time)! Hence why the locals don't use umbrellas, its not worth it! Also it is always GREEN everywhere, its beautiful.
People are active (tons of stuff to do outside), people are nice, people are passionate, and people are diverse and accepting! The coffee is delicious. The coast is two hours one way, mountains two hours the other way.
Did I mention it's wonderful?
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I lived in Western Washington state for almost 10 years. The weather never bothered me. I liked the rain. Shorter summers but they can get hot. I didn't care much for the people in a lot of ways. But I'm from California and they don't like Californians up there.

But hey, it's for 12 months and you may find you love it. If you are up to the adventure. Many people do love Washington.
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I live in Olympia, so Seattle is very close to me, and we make trips up pretty frequently. It is very laid back here. Really the rain is not an issue...you get used to it, and get over it. Also, there is so much to do around Seattle. You would love it!
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I don't live in the states at all, but I'm also very omg something new move move move. So I would really just move and give it a shot! Theres always going to be pro's and con's for everything, and **** if you don't like it I'm sure you could always transfer back! I say DO IT!
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I grew up in the DC Metro area and then lived on the West Coast for a number of years and at first it drove me CRAZY how laid back people were! I am rather Type A though so you might enjoy the change if you're not. It is a different type of lifestyle. I'm now married to a West-Coaster and his personality helps me keep more calm and relaxed so it can be a good balance.

Personally I don't care for Seattle - I have never lived there but have visited several times. The weather really bugs me. The people bugged me too, even though I am somewhat liberal and a little bit granola as well. However, I think it is a pretty distinctive city in terms of its "feel" - I've never disliked another city so strongly based on visiting - so if you liked it based on your visit I think that should give you some confidence in your move. And it's only 12 months, after all! If you end up not liking it you can leave pretty soon.

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Thanks for your input ladies! I'm going to accept the job transfer to Seattle. I'm excited and a bit nervous at the same time considering the fact that I don't know anyone there. It will be a good learning experience for me though. Plus, I hear there is a higher ratio of men to women in Seattle, so my chances of finding "the one" will increase. **knock on wood**
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