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is chubby
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Default Any tips on how not to lose breast size while dieting?

I've been losing inches a lot during my diet and they pretty much leave equally from everywhere except my biceps
So I lose one inch off my butt and the same happens to my breasts... is there any way to lose only or mostly at the bottom and not the chest?
I am a c-cup as it is and I am slowly melting into a b.
I do a lot of squats and cycling daily so I target my bottom more with excersize, but those inches still come off from everywhere equally.

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Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about this (unless you just want to stop losing weight altogether). Some people lose a lot of their breasts, others don't; it has to do with the percentage of breast tissue vs. fat in the breasts. On the up side, I've found that mine actually look nicer now that they're largely breast tissue rather than globs of fat that was never meant to be there. Smaller, but nicer.
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Mine have gone down slightly. I think most do but usually they stay around the same proportion to the rest of your body. The inches I've lost around them in measuring is more about the bandwidth of the bra b/c that's reduced almost 2 inches, it's only a very small amount off the actual breast.

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Nienna is right. You can't spot reduce fat and you can't spot prevent fat loss.

As a flat chested girl myself, I have encouragement for you. One of the things I love the most about being small is that theoretically, smaller breasts' nerve endings are more concentrated - same number of nerves in a smaller space. This means you may feel more sexually aroused at the touch there. IDK, I heard that somewhere once and it rings true for me!

Also, you can build up the pectoral muscle underneath the breast. This makes the breast appear larger (but your breast tissue is actually the same, it's just the muscle underneath pushing the breast tissue from behind). In fact, most of my cleavage is actually relaxed muscle, but who cares! I still look sexy in a v-neck!

Keep up the good work!
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I feel you Chubbykins. At my highest weight in the 150s I have D-cups but once I get down to the 110s I'm back to B-cups. All I can do is hit a nice lingerie store and shop for some new push up bras!!
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I think the best way to prevent your breasts from getting smaller while losing weight is to wish really hard that they'll get smaller . It seems like us ladies that would love to lose a few cup sizes can't seem to drop an oz from the girls (I'm a G cup. 130 lbs ago, I was an H cup. Not a huge difference for that much weight!) and those that want to hang on to every oz lose first there!
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No way to spot reduce unfortunately a lot of women lose a cup size or two when they lose a lot of weight especially when they aren't that heavy to begin with. I had a ton of weight to lose and I'm still working on it and one of the first things to get smaller was my breasts. I went from a C/D to a solid B but now that my boobs are as small as they are gonna get but my chest its self is still losing I've found myself fitting into a C in a lot of bras again because I'm smaller around. I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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I hear ya. At my healthy weight I am a C cup. At my heaviest I am a DD. Right now I'm already down to a D.

Sometimes my hubby makes comments about how he doesn't want me to lose my boobs. I am tempted to grab a couple handfuls of flab on my belly and jiggle them in his face asking if he wants to keep that, too.

I'll take the smaller boobs over the huge everything else ANY day. Gigantic boobs attached to a body that is grossly overweight just isn't sexy anyway.
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I went from a 40DD to a 34C...and I tell you...I miss my large breasts, but my smaller ones are in proportion to my smaller shoulder frame, small waist, etc. I also wouldn't trade it, because the rest of my body looks so much better...I just figure if I want them to look larger, I'll wear a padded push up bra.

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is chubby
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*sigh* at least the downsides of weightloss are so fewer than the upsides that it is worth it.
I like my breasts atm as they fit exactly into my boyfriend's palm... guess I'll have him grab my smaller bottom in the future instead
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I've suffered from this as well!

I know that some weight training exercises that work your pectoral muscles help to make your breasts perkier ... perhaps the added muscle behind your breast also makes them look bigger? :-/
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Yeah I have this same problem...in fact my sister commented at how I'd lost my boobs over easter weekend...well gee, thanks a lot!! Personally, I think they match my smaller body now....and it is what it is, I definitely wouldn't want to have kept the weight to keep my boobs. As other posters have mentioned, the right bra can do wonders!
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I don't have much help for the original question. Folks seem to have covered the topic well so far.

I grew up with mega breasts and had them reduced at age 19 to help my back. I was the rare one who always admired the very small breasted. My male cousin at a family event meanly teased his future wife in front of all of us girl cousins about her losing all her best qualities because she was working out (we trounced him on that one, but I'm sure it couldn't have felt nice).

I still had large breasts because of my weight. I was so excited when they began to shrink after breastfeeding and then as I lost weight.

Now with the new body size, I have strange shapes due to the longtime overweight issues and the surgery. They are wide as saucers with nothing filling them up.

I do weights and pushups during aerobics (mostly for calorie consuming muscles development and keep up bone strength). I think this helps with a better silhouette. The best help for me at this point are the new bras (by Bali) that I recently found.
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Originally Posted by LLBoldAsLove87 View Post
I've suffered from this as well!

I know that some weight training exercises that work your pectoral muscles help to make your breasts perkier ... perhaps the added muscle behind your breast also makes them look bigger? :-/
i was just going to say this..i heard that you can do some pec exercises and it can help to make them LOOK bigger.. maybe makes them stick out more? lol..
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I'm not sure there is much that can be done with that. But hey, I got plenty to share! I can give ya some to make up for whatever you didn't want to lose! hahaha jk I can't WAIT to see these DD's start to melt away!
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