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Default Trying to pick my new phone

In about a month I can get a new phone. I want a new phone. Have a blackberry curve right now, and just want something different.

Looking at either one of the htc phones or moving to verizon and getting the iphone.

What do you all suggest? What do you have?
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I love my HTC Inspire, and recommend it highly.

I also vastly prefer Android to iAnything.
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I just got a motorola droid. Love it. I'd def go droid. I had a BB, it was possessed!

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android voter here too! my htc evo is the BEST
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I <3 my iPhone 4, but I haven't had much experience with Android phones, so I can't give you an honest comparison between the two. What I can say is that I have never had a problem with my iPhones and I've been using one since the 3g. It does everything that I need it to for work and personal use. I like how it feels in the hand and it isn't too weighty.

If you are into Application development, most of my developer friends prefer the Android SDK because it is easier to pick up than the Apple language for people already familiar with languages like Java.

BUT, if you are looking for general smartphone usage, honestly, either one would work and it will come down to personal preference. :-)

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I LOVE my iPhone. I have ATT, but the Verizon has few differences. There are so many apps I use for weight loss. Weight Watchers, livestrong, all-in-one pedometer, etc. I keep up with 3FC through Feedler RSS reader
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My hubby has an android and he loves it. You don't run into a ton of proprietary product issues with it. If you want an accessory or whatever you can get one at a reasonable price and there are lots of options on the market you can use with it.

My contract comes up in August and I am getting an Android too so my hubby and I can sync up our schedules without having to call each other and pull out calendars.

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I changed over from the Blackberry Storm to the iPhone (both on Verizon) two months ago....Best. Decision. Ever!
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I'm lusting after an iphone but haven't made the plunge yet.

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Having recently shopped for a phone I can tell you I went with an android but now that the iphone is available on Verizon I might have gone that way and gotten a 3Gs for dirt cheap.

Having used my wife's iphone and the android extensively I can tell you that if you're not a geek in anyway the iphone is superior because it is more user friendly and the interface is slicker than android at this point. Personally I don't see the need for the iphone 4.
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I have an iPhone3GS as my personal phone and a Samsung Fascinate (Galaxy S) for work. I love both of them - they both have strengths and weaknesses. The iPhone has had a lot of connection issues lately - dropped calls have become the norm rather than the exception. Like John said, the interface on the iPhone is easier to use than the Android on the Samsung. The Samsung does have a better data connection most times, and the apps are pretty cool.

If I were going to replace my phone right now I wouldn't be likely to go the iPhone route - the connection issues are really annoying me and DH's android phone on the same carrier isn't having the same problem.
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I had a Droid (LG Optimus) for about a month before I moved over to the iPhone 4. Before that I had a Blackberry Curve, which I loved. It was old, but it worked great! Don't regret the switch at all. Perhaps it was just the LG, but once I had the iPhone the Droid seemed kind of like a knockoff. I did like the Droid while I had it, but I like the iPhone better. For one, it doubles as an iPod, which is important to me. I was able to hunt down an app to store my music on the Droid, but it was a complete pain. The actual phone function is much better. The keypad is WAY better if it's a touch screen you're after. As far as apps go they are pretty even.

We use iPhones at work and we had a tremendous amount of issues with dropped calls with AT&T. That issue has virtually vanished under Verizon.

2011- putting on the baby weight

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I've had every carrier under the sun and really it seems dropped calls/quality greatly depends on where you are. So I just stick with AT&T due to a corporate discount.That said, we plan on getting iPhones in August when we're due for a discount. My husband has a Mac for his commercial design degree and I'm likely going to start school for photography/digital media which will also require a Mac.

DH currently has a Blackberry and obviously has issues with his MacBook and compatibility so... Android and iPhones both have their place but it just depends on what you're looking to do with it, what other devices you have, what family members use and so on.

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