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Talking Coffee coffee coffee!

Hey, any other coffee fiends out there? I absolutely love a fresh, hot cup of coffee. I'm pretty picky, though I enjoy a variety of different kinds - almost always drink it black so I can taste the particular flavors.

Something that's really fun in addition to being tasty: ordering green coffee beans (beans that haven't been roasted) and roasting them yourself in a skillet! They pop like popcorn, the little shells flying up. It's really satisfying and smells sooo good.

Got any favorites? How do you drink yours?
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Love coffee and prefer beans rather than ground coffee. Haven't tried roasting greem beans, though.
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Im a coffee slut. Always black (not that cream and sugar isnt delicious but... thats not coffee ) but I will drink almost anything. Nothing coffee flavored. It has an unwashed man smell....

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I feel cheated if I don't get my morning coffee. I'm not too particular, right now I think it's Folgers. Normally I drink it black, but if I'm feeling hungry, I'll add milk and sugar to make a sweet meal out of it.
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I love coffee. Unfortunately I haven't had too much of it lately since I've been pregnant and now nursing.

The hardest thing for me is our backyard butts up to the best local coffee shop in town. We wake up every morning (Saturdays are particularly bad) to the smell of their awesome coffee and pastries. The good thing is, if we're in our backyard and they see us they'll usually toss us a pound of coffee for free so at least my husband gets some benefit.

The first thing I'll have when I quit nursing is a breve, two shots of espresso with half and half. So good....

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I LOOOVVVVWEEEEE coffee! I like cream & sugar in mine though. But as a calorie counter, finding ways to get that sweet flavor without the calories.

I love the smell of coffee..."The best part of waking up, is Folger's in your cup"...la la la. I always set my timer on my machine the night before, nothing is better then waking up in bed, and have the smell of coffee tempting me out of it to start my day. Makes me smile.

I have some Starbucks coffee at home that I absolutely love, but other then that I will usually drink Folgers or Maxwell House. I like flavored coffee, iced coffee, coffee on a stick ~ .
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My friend got me a coffee dripper and some coffee from his trip to Vietnam. Vietnamese coffee is like the magic combo of Turkish coffee (dark, strong and sweet) and Italian espresso (thick and STRONG). It's drunk with sweetened condensed milk (not so diet friendly) and has a very nice texture.

Needless to say that's why I'm still up at almost 12:30 am. >_<
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My husband never drank coffee till before he met me. I slowly converted him into a coffee fiend too. We drink Gevalia Stockholm roast or French Roast. Gevalia is a bit pricey, but we constantly look for coupons and stock up when we find a 20% off coupon.

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I actually don't drink coffee, could never get into it. I love energy drinks tho (the full throttle ones anyways)
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I used to hate coffee, and wondered how something could smell so good and taste so awful. As I kid I swore I would never be a coffee drinker like my Mom. Once in a while I would have a cup but needed to pour tons of sugar in it.

Then I started having a cup with a tiny bit of splenda every morning with my mother-in-law at breakfast (she didn't have the splenda, she likes it dark and strong, and about 8 cups a day ). And now I feel cheated if I don't have at least one cup in the morning. So much so that when I visited my brother I ended up buying a travel coffee maker because I missed it so much.

I still don't like black coffee. I think it tastes bitter and it gives me heart burn for some reason. But I don't need it sweet anymore, just a little bit of creamer. Sometimes I will use flavored creamer but I don't have to have the sugary taste to enjoy it and actually dislike splenda or straight sugar in it now. (Unless it is sugar and real cream! But that's a whole lot of calories. )
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Originally Posted by 4xcharm View Post
I feel cheated if I don't get my morning coffee.
Omg, exactly!!! Its the highlight of my day! lol! My favorite way is with cream, no sugar, buuuut, I rarely have it that way. Only on special treat occasions. Since I'm calorie counting, I used coffee mate fat free original. I measure 2 Tbsp, 20 calories.

And isn't funny how when you find another coffee lover, you feel instantly bonded! LOL, well I do! My husband isn't a coffee drinker so I'm always on the look out for coffee drinking people to be my friend!

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About a year ago I made the switch from coffee with milk, to drinking it black. I tastes so much better black. I got a coffee grinder and some beans from amazon and it's amazing. Magnum Exotics Kona Blend (it's in a blue bag)has such a great flavor and smell my man who is not a coffee drinker will have a cup.
That being said, I normally love coffee, but lately I can't stand it. I've been off of coffee for about a week now. I ended up ordering some at the restaurant when I was out on Monday, but that was out of habit. I ended up drinking it as not to be wasteful, but it really did not taste good to me. I hope I get back to liking it, cause I do miss it.


Doing this one day at a time.
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I love coffee. Right now I just drink Folgers. I don't have the extra money tos pend one expensive coffee right now, but I can't switch to a cheap grocery store brand either.
Anyways, I have to drink mine with a bit of creamer, just plain black doesn't work for me.

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I love coffee but I can't stand cheap coffee it tastes too bitter. I usually drink Dunkin Donuts coffee which I buy a big bag of every month but my sister use to work with someone who sold gourmet coffee and it was so good it was what allowed me to switch to black coffee. If I don't have my coffee in the morning I just feel out of it all day. I usually drink 3-4 cups in the morning and then cut myself off at like 2pm and start drinking water so I can be hydrated when I exercise.

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My cardiologist said, "Two cups a day." I replied, "I have to start drinking coffee?" Then he realized that I don't drink it. I seldom have any caffeine. I only like coffee when it has chocolate and Kahlua in it. The last time I had it was in the 90s.

ITA that it smells good when it is brewing. In fact, when we are camping and other campers are making breakfast, I get hungry from the smell of coffee wafting through the trees. Then they have to start frying bacon. That's when I make my oatmeal and tea.
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