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Default I missed my period, but I'm not pregnant. What's going on?

I'm 32 years old and my periods have been regular since I was in my early 20s. I am not sexually active and haven't been sexually active for a few years now. My stress level is the same as it always has been, so that's nothing unusal. I'm not even cramping or feeling any lower back pain, which are the symptoms I usually get about 6 to 12 hours before I start menstrating. I'm not taking any medication aside from a multi-vitamin.

I've Googled causes of having missed periods with regard to not being pregnant. In one case, it can occur if a person is overweight. I'm 5'5" and 175lbs with 37% body fat. I was the same weight these past couple of months and I got my period at that time....so I don't think my weight is the reason for my missed period.

Another cause could be that I'm entering peri-menopause. I may buy that, but I'm only 32 years old and my mother was 48 years old when she hit menopause. So I think (hope) I'm not going through that.

Other articles stated that it could symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome or a sign of diabetes.

The articles I read stated to seek medical advise IF I miss my period 3 months in a row. I don't think I can wait it out that long. I usually get my period the 5th of every month. Even though I'm trying not too worry (I wasn't worried at all until I realized that it's been over 10 days since I was schedule to have it), it is in the back of my mind all the time.

Any thoughts on what's going on with my body?

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Are you eating enough calories and/or over exercising?
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I am 23 and have had regular periods since my period started. I got essure after my daughter. I am wondering the same thing. Not a chance of pregnancy but I did take a test just in case which was negative. Its going on 8 weeks with no period. I am 5'5, 172 Dont understand LOL
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What Eskinomad said, but

Once I went at least 10 weeks without mine with none of the usual suspects (dieting, pregnancy) as a factor and NO negative impact on my life overall. Not saying you couldn't have a different, more concerning outcome, but if reputable articles say wait 3 months before seeing the doctor and you have no other symptoms..."things are fine" isn't of the question yet.

In my case, I got used to it and worried less after the first two weeks or so.
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I seriously wouldn't worry about it unless you don't have it for those 3 months like it says. It changes throughout your lifetime. We get it and we have blotchy times and full on times and times we don't get it at all. Sure it can regulate but that doesn't change the fact that our body's are always changing because we are getting older. I know lots of people this happens to every once in a while, it even happens to me. I'm not that old myself but I know that sometimes it just happens. Take a breather it will probably be back before you know it. :P

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I'm 20 and my period is normally regular, but a couple months ago it just decided to arrive almost a month late... One day it just came back. And I've been pretty normal since. I would wait until you completely skip a period to be worried. Sometimes it's just late. At least you're not sexually active. I was, and so I went through about fifty pregnancy tests in the span of three weeks. Talk about stress.
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I wouldn't worry at this point. I'm fairly regular, but occassionally have longer and shorter cycles. I wouldn't think your weight isn't quite high enough at this point to cause you to stop menstrating. When I was very heavy I only have one period a year for about 5 years or so, but I was in the 200s. It's a possibility, but doubtful. You probably just ovulated later than normal and your period will be arriving a little later than usual.
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Are you hanging around any new women? Or are you around the same woman/women a lot or something?

I'm just saying that because my BF's little sister just started her period and she threw my cycle off hardcore. That could be an option too... hormones can affect your cycle more than you think, it's a real phenomenon. My friend calls the whole linking up of womens cycles "pinktooth" haha.

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My last last was in Oct.17th. I missed my period the whole November. Finally it came in Dec.13th.
And now I am in period.
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I finally got mine last night. WHEW! What a relief! I've never been so happy to get cramps and be in pain in my life as I am right now. Thanks for your input!
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