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Default Fed up with snow and snow attitudes (rant warning)

I live in Scotland and I'm not sure how many people check the BBC weather (a surprising number of those in a totally different country it seems!) but we have had a whole lot of snow here. I'm tired of the snow, but I am far more tired of the snow attitude.

I am the owner of a private car but I bought snow tires and grit because I knew (duh!) that it was going to be winter. But delivery companies just seem to slide blithely into the winter and be surprised that it is coming. Train companies have no plows. Schools are closed at short notice, but employers expect you to go to work (without bringing your kids!). We have made an effort, my husband has gone to work every day, heck I am officially "housebound" but I've been out because I just had to.

The food delivery companies are refusing to deliver, so elderly and disabled folk are going without. The mail company is refusing to deliver because our road is officially "impassable" and never mind that we had a parcel of diabetic supplies caught up in it. We were allowed to go into the office and pick the parcel up, strangely driving on all the exact same roads that the mail company would have had to drive on to get from their office to us, but they "couldn't" do it. Even if our road is impassible, do what everyone else is having to do and just make an extra effort. My husband has to get up an hour and a half earlier every morning to scrape ice and shovel snow and drive in the bad conditions. That's what you do. But despite the fact that the main road which is 200 yards from our door is plowed and gritted the delivery companies will not simply park the van on the main road and walk to the door with the deliveries. It's not like I ordered a sofa!

People want to be miserable about the snow and there's no shifting them from the fact that it's not the snow that is the problem, it's their attitudes. That because we have not received our bills because there is no mail perhaps they could phone or email us with the bill amount before phoning to complain that we have not paid, and telling us that "it's not our fault there is no mail" - no it's not, but since you clearly can phone me now you could have phoned me then, or phoned and not been rude that we didn't pay yet. That maybe if daycare is to be closed "because of the snow" we might like our 190 daycare fee back. "It's not our fault we were shut" - um... wasn't MY fault either, why is it automatically my fault just because it isn't yours? That if you have already sent some medical supplies that I have not received then you can let someone come in and pick them up from the hospital. It may be "policy" not to let me have two lots, but I promise I will just not come for January's and we will have the same amount of supplies. Do they really, honestly and truly, think that it's appropriate to apply the same "policies" to these unusual conditions that they apply in the middle of summer if you didn't get your stuff because you left the order too late?

Since I don't think anyone's attitudes are going to melt I sure am hoping for a melt of the actual snow.

If there's a positive in all this it's that anger suppresses my appetite, I will really struggle to eat my calories today!


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I don't know if it follows the topic or not, but I still find it rather funny that every winter I hear some one complaining about the snow, that it came out of no where and they "can't believe how much there is . . . its only december!"

It's Winnipeg. Snow is what we do in the winter, its not a shock. 2 Halloween's in a row with out snow . . . that's shocking!
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It's pretty unusual, RoseRodent, for me to know the weather in Scotland. But I do - it's all over our news here. That's some BIG mess you're facing. A whole country covered in a sheet of ice is a bit unusual.

I like your observation that when people say "It's not my fault" they usually are shifting the responsibility for action to you - as if it were your fault.

Good luck trying to find solutions when so many folks seem to have assumed that adversity means they're off the hook. I hope you can get your medical supplies without having to tell the distribution folks know what you really think.
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Im in Newcastle and it has been bad its getting better but it just doesnt seem to melt ands its turning to ice. Is soo depressing but yeah you have to just get on with it. My partner get up at 5am for work and my mother has been snowed in for over a week her car is totally snowed in and it not coming out anytime soon. It seems to not be snowing as much and its a little better to live with ...........yet my post is few and far between even tho the roads are better im waiting on bills , parcels and important letters n i just know there lyin in some sorting office
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