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Default How many genuine friendships do you really have?

How many true friendships do you really have in your life? I'm not talking about the "friends" that hang out with you during just the good/happy times. I'm talking about meaningful friendships...friends that actually stick around and emotionally support you when you are going through some really bad times. I'm talking about friends that you can tell your deepest and darket secrets to without having the fear to them spilling the beans to others. I'm talking about the type of friend where neither he/she feels threaten by your accomplishments and vice versa....no social comparison games or the secret desire to "one up" each other so to speak.

Do you have any genuine friendships like that in your life? I, unfortunately, only have 1 true friend that I can completely and utterly trust. I have many social friends, but those are superificial friendships.

I find the older I get, the more difficult it is to find people who want to make the effort to go from just a social friend to an actual closer/meaningful friend.

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I only have 2 true friends. I've known them both for almost 12 years. I have some close friends..but it's nothing like the other 2.


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I fortunately have two separate lives, which means double the amount of bosom friends. I have probably 8-10 people I trust and confide in at such a level, but I've never been the secretive or overly self-protective type to begin with.

As I get older (and I'm 23, hardly an old lady here) I find I am much pickier about the people I feel deserve my time and efforts.
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I have one. I met her last year. She recently moved to the opposite coast, but we still talk daily.
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I have 2 , no counting my DH i tell him everything.
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Not counting my DH and my mom I don't have any I tried being friends with one lady and she was all smiles and giggles whenever I was helping her but if I dared put my daughter's needs before hers she would throw a fit! I stopped talking to her all together she was just a one way street. I once told her about my weight loss goal and she said you will never get thin so just give up now! I was shocked!

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I have two friends that I've known since early childhood and they are both like sisters to me. Another friend was my best friend in high school. We call each other several times a week, and there's nothing I can't tell him. Another friend I've known for about 10 years, and even though he and I don't talk very often, when we do it's like we just saw each other yesterday, and I know if I ever really needed him, he'd be there in a second. I treasure these friendships; I know I'm very blessed to have these people in my life.

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I have my sister. My boyfriend. One of my cousins. My mum. And then I think perhaps I have 2 others who aren't relatives, but even then, sometimes I don't see them for months at a time (and we live in the same city).

I find friends really hard to make and to keep. I feel like I do something wrong all the time with friends. I love people but I'm shy and always assume others have better things to do than talk to/hang out/do things with me. I know it's bad, but it's kind of true.
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Just one, we have been best friends for 22 or 23 years now. We talk almost every day on the phone but only get to see each other around once a year.
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Just one. We met at work 6 years ago and have caused wonderful shenanigans ever since.
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I have 1. We have been best friends for 33 years and are going strong. It is one of the greatest gifts I have had in this lifetime and is not something I will ever take for granted.
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Five. My two dearest friends from college and their husbands. I can tell any one of them absolutely everything. And fifth is my husband, even when I'm frustrated to the gills with him. He started out as my best friend and has remained so, even in really trying times.
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DH, my brother, my SIL and that's it in real life. I'm an introvert, so, oddly enough, 3FC and especially the Beck group play that role quite adequately for me. Also another small collection of on-line friends from a different venue.
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I hope relatives count! I have 3: my husband, his mom and his dad. I have 2 very good online friends that I chat with and trust but have never met in person.

I used to have co-workers for friends until I got stabbed in the back.
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