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Default Do you/Have you told your friends about 3FC? Why or Why not?

The title is pretty much self-explanatory.

I'm not shy at all about my weight loss. I tell
my friends about it all the time and it's surprising
how much my other friends are going through
the same thing. We've all developed this support
system that is so amazing! They're really thankful,
and I'm thankful as well, to have someone to
talk to when times get rough.

They're always asking me "what's your secret?"
And I give them various websites (which I have
also posted in my blog) that have helped! But
one thing I have failed to mention is the amazing
support here on 3FC. It's something I will not
tell them about. On here I find it much easier
to express other personal things that I do not
want my friends knowing about.

What about everyone else?
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I've told my friends and family that I want to see succeed in weightloss.I don't think they've checked out the site though Oh well,their loss.
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Yes, being online is such a big part of my day. I'm always talking about what I do on the net, lol.

My boyfriend knows about 3FC. I tell him "so I was on my weight loss site and blablabla".

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Nope... I'm not comfortable talking a lot about weight loss with friends and/or family, but having this online support has been instrumental in my success this time around. Having a place where I can anonymously (unless any other random people in my life are on here and recognize my picture) ask questions, vent, whine, etc. is kind of like having my own personal therapist If someone asked who really needed assistance, I'd probably tell - but otherwise, not something I'm feeling at all inclined to advertise.
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One of my friends posts here all the time and is doing amazingly well! (Jess, if you are reading this, I'm talking about you!).
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Originally Posted by matt_H View Post

One of my friends posts here all the time and is doing amazingly well! (Jess, if you are reading this, I'm talking about you!).
I was just going to say, my friend Matt told me and it's helped me a lot so I would tell others if I thought they would appreciate it.

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When it comes to losing weight I tend to be very private so other than one very good friend who also struggles with her weight and my hubs I haven't told anyone about this site.
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This site is completely public, but sometimes I treat it like a diary or a journal, and I tell things that I haven't told a soul in real life, or have only told to one or two very old & close friends who have also struggled all their lives with their weight. So it would feel strange for me to know that someone who knows me personally is reading me here.

I recognize the paradoxes inherent in this situation, but hey, I never said I was a completely rational being.
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What does balayage mean?
Thanks Sheridan
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I have only told one person that I know about this site, and that's because I trust this person not to judge me. But other than that, no, I haven't told anyone. Because I don't want to lose my anonymity. Selfish? Yes. But it's called Google, people--that's how I found this place, so anyone who is seriously interested in an online weight loss support forum will find 3FC if they have even basic Googling skills. So I don't feel too guilty about my silence.

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No, because most of my friends know me online rather than IRL. They'd immediately recognise my username and I don't want too many people I already know being mixed up in a place where I can get some private support. If I were more anonymous with a different username or something then maybe I'd let people know about it, but I don't know that many people who are overweight, many of my friends are underweight because they can't eat properly (physically) and the two that are slimming are both WW so they have support.


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My family knew from the moment I got on here....they even had to set my profile up for me as I had no clue how to

but that was almost 9 years ago! I can do it for myself now

I came across 3FC on a recipe search and noticed Christian Encouragers...that interested me....my wife/kids showed me how to get on and the rest is history....

Angie only comes on if I show her something...I do share stuff from here with her and she pretends to pay attention

My adult children will bring it up every now and then with "how are your fat chicks?".....they remember some of the funny threads of the past with their marriages, etc.

Even the guys at work will say from time to time...."so what's new with your fat chicks?" We have had some good conversations on topics here....

we don't close them down ....although sometimes the topic does get heated!

anyway....moving on....

To be honest, I don't think any one that I would share this with would try to "check" up on me....

they just know it's "me being me"
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I've told the bf, his fam, classmates - but that's about it. Nobody on a personal level that would join it, I guess
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I talk about it regularly but not a single person has asked for the actual website name. I even specifically showed one person the site, but don't think she even bookmarked it.
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I introduced kawaii_candie to the site and elleohelle introduced me. We know each other from a Japan-related forum and so we were e-friends before joining 3FC.

It's a pretty darn personal thing for me and I don't think anyone knows I post on here.
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