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Default First Job, Bank Account, 16 y/o, and ebay?

I just had my first job interview today, and I am definitely getting the job
It's just a cahsier job for minimum wage, and hopefully won't be for very long (I'll keep looking for a better job), but I'll be making hopefully $100+ a week once school starts,

So my mom said I should put it in a bank account- and I decided I'll do that! I already have a few hundred dollars saved up, and plan on using that to open it up on thursday, but I was wondering if there was a way I could sell things on Ebay and Etsy and have the money go straight to my account.
Would I need a credit card set up with pay pal for this?
Thanls for any help!
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Congratulations on your new job! Jobs are hard to come by nowadays.

PayPal is a a great help to me when I buy or sell online on Ebay or other online stores because your credit card information is not given to a seller. Instead it goes through PayPal and they process the sale. To set up PayPal, you do have to have a bank account, debit card or a credit card into which the money can be deposited or paid out. Go to PayPal.com and read up on it. I am not sure if you have to be over a certain age or not.
Good luck!

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No, you don't need a CC to have paypal transfer money to your bank account. You will need to set your bank account up with paypal and get it verified - to do this they will transfer a tiny (well under a dollar) amount to your account to make sure it's set up properly. Once that's sorted out then anytime you have money in your paypal account you can transfer it on over. It takes a couple days to transfer (if you want it fast you have to pay - free is always better so plan ahead!).

I have paypal set up with my own bank account and have also set it up for three non-profits I've worked with - it's always worked very well for us.

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Thanls guys!
So, I don't need a credit card OR a debit card to do it?
Because I don't want either- I don't really want to spend, i want to save.

My mom and I went to the bank today, but I couldn't set it up because I didn't have enough identity verifications (we needed 2, and I didn't bring any)
So we may go back again today, but maybe not.
I'll ask the bank-person how to do it, I'm sure she can help with that but she said she was leaving at 4

Vladadog- so, the paypal account is seperated, and you have to do something to have the money moved to the bank account?
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