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Red face Any body else a gardening...do it yourself freak?

I love to plant things, watch them grow and
nurse plants to health if they are sick....i also love to do landscaping
type things....i am an amateur though. I think of it like being an artist.
I never went to school or anything for it, although i do like to learn about
the best ways to do it.

I have been so busy since this spring.
I was wondering if anybody else wanted to share pics.
Sometimes i feel lonely if I can't share my endeavors with
some one of like mind! For the big pics, i tried to resize them over
and over with pb. But they wouldn't. So you have to scroll all the way
over to see all the plants!

Here's alot of pics of my garden and some pics of my boy helping me.
We also put up a pool ourselves.
We lay mulch, weed, garden....dig beds.
We do it all ourselves.

Any body else, men or women that share the interest?

I just wanted to share my pics with a broad
audience to see if someone was interested in showing me theirs!

oh yeah the branch story is truly amazing!
We put that pool up a month ago, and a
huge branch could have destroyed it,
but there are pics about what happened further down!
oh yeah, i know it is under trees, but we didn't have a choice,
that was the best spot. And I love to swim. So does my son.
It is good summer fun to spend together.

ok, everyone I have pics of all the stuff i have been doing in my
yard since spring. And a couple of other fun pics.

I really really hope the message about the tree limb is a testimony to God's faithfulness.
I had no idea when it happened or how it happened.

but here goes:

Ok here's some other pics!

here is the garden. Thank You God for Blessing Us!

On the right is some vining Malabar spinach. Yum. To the left is alot of our peppers.

up front is squash/zucchini, to the left is the beans, then further down a ways is the melon patch.
You can see the pool, it leans a bit in the back, but it is harmless.
It was so hard to level the land--without alot of equipment.

James is sitting with some blooming squash, behind him are some bush cucumbers,
and then behind that are the beans again.
you can see the melon patch in the distance behind James.

Here are some pics of my flower beds:

Here is the azalea beds with the coblestone path i put in front.

Here is the magnolia tree, and my very redneck backyard
complete with firepit and benches facing the window--
so you can watch the race on the living room tv from the backyard.
We laid mulch around there because the grass refused to grow.

btw that is the back porch i slid completely off!

Here is the lawn center piece. It is looking a little bare,
because i haven't put in summer flowers yet,
I had pansies around the border,
they died out. in the front of it to the right,
is the hibiscus, and some baby salvia.
There is also a straggly redhot poker.

here is the front flower bed, faces the street. I designed it,
and I think it looks very pretty,
i wish the things would bloom simultaneously, maybe next year.
That is abby in the window,
next to Dale Earnhardt's number 3 symbol.

This is the canna lilly bed. The mulch is rock. I really like this bed,
it is usually HUGE by the end of the summer.
At least 5 ft tall.

Here is another pic of the front of the house.
I will have to take another pic in the spring,
to show how pretty the azaleas make it.
I have to balance my seasonal plants better.

Here is the flower bed beneath the trees to the right of my house.
The mums are left over from the spring flowers,
there are some elephant ears and giant grass--
that are new growth.

I truly love elephant ears!

This is my PET PROJECT. I love Rose Bushes.
I have a Rose Bed, that is pretty young but
it has been putting off lovely roses.
I got the roses at a discount because
they were sickly, i am nursing them back to health..
.and it takes a lot of work, but they are worth it.

Here is the HUGE branch. See how big it is, and how nicely it
fits between the pool ladder and the woodstack.
Only God could have done that.

Here's a different angle

closer up. It fits so perfectly in that space.
We didn't touch it. it's cloudy because the lens
kept fogging up due to the humid air after the storm.

Here is what happened!

Good thing the clean up crew arrived. I think he'll have it removed in about 30 min.


ok, here are some more fun pics to share with you. I hope you are enjoying them as much as I enjoyed them!

"Do I really have to do this again???"

"This is such hard work. Am I done yet?"

My little helper Gardens too!

Naomi says "Hey you now that you have that camera,
i'm too cute to not take a pic.
Oh yeah Abby did that to the blinds, not me"

(Abby was sitting in the front window with the # 3 symbol remember?)
John 1:12 King James Version (KJV)
12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
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Very nice -- you are certainly enjoying your hard work. Also, you didn't mention it in the captions, but I LOVE your birdbath -- looks like a similar one that I have been eyeing that is just too expensive to justify.

Thanks for sharing!

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Move everyday-- options - walking, biking, dvds - Jillian Michael's, pilates, or yoga
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S/C/G: 217 /*/140

Height: 5'5"


walking that bird bath is a cheapie! it looks like wrought iron, but it is not. I simply filled it with rocks to keep it from blowing away. heh.

Do you garden?
John 1:12 King James Version (KJV)
12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
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That is a lot of work, well done! I love to garden as well, usually put in a vegie garden along with flowers. I have a cherry tree/apple tree/ blueberry bushes and raspberry bushes along the sides of my back yard. My lot is much smaller than yours but I can cram quite a bit in.
I love your clean up crew, he's a cutie (both of them)

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I love to garden. This is the first summer I've really gotten into it (I was pregnant last summer and not in the mood to go outside every day in the heat). I don't have as much stuff or as big of a garden as you do, but it's not bad. I don't have any pics tho, I need to get out there and take some.

This year all I have in my garden is potatoes and tomatoes and one banana pepper plant. I don't know how to use the tiller and my dh was supposed to till the garden. Well, by the time he got around to it it was raining every day. And then by the time it stopped raining it was too late to plant anything else. I do have a topsy turvy planter with strawberries tho, so far it's producing fruit, but they're small and kind of bitter, hoping as the plants mature the fruit gets better.

I have a plot next to my garage that was gorgeous, filled with alyssum (both white and purple) and petunias (mostly white and purple, some pink). I was gifted some hostas as well and planted three of those there. So I said it WAS gorgeous... My 4 dogs dug half of it up. I could've killed them... The half they didn't dig up is still pretty good looking.

I planted a thornless Blackberry bush on the side of my house, it's still a baby but it's already giving us some blackberries this year! Also put 4 more of the hostas over there and some garlic that I found growing in my yard. This fall/next year I hope to plant some perennials and a rose tree over there.

I have a number of potted plants in the plot in front of my house. Next year I'm going to fill it with annuals and herbs, but this year I didn't get to it in time. As far as potted plants, I have coral bells, calla lillies that I grew from bulbs (I'm super proud of those!), a japanese painted fern, wormwood, speedwell, dicentra, and some blue fescue. Also a caladium. It's also decorated with little statues, like a squirrel and a bird and a gnome, etc. I also have a bird bath and a bird feeder/bird house in that plot.

As for the rest of our yard, right now it's just decorated with toddler toys. lol But we're hoping to put in an Eastern Redbud next year in the back. We had to cut out our peach tree because of disease and pests and that would be a nice replacement and give some shade. We're also debating cutting the old Ash tree out of the front (we think it might be diseased as well) and replacing it with a Japanese Red Maple.
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S/C/G: 217 /*/140

Height: 5'5"


princess, your garden sounds lovely, do take some pictures. I think alyssum is so pretty. I tried to start alot of it from seed, but it didn't like my soil preparation. So it didn't last.

I planted some hosta too. Do take some pics and share!

Ar4, i love fruit. I cram everything into whatever space I have as well. Any piece of land is game for a a garden, plant, or flowers to me! I actually got evicted from an apartment for planting a vegetable garden in the back. I didn't care. I had to garden. it's a passion. My SO loves it too. Well, he loves the food it produces the most. heh.
John 1:12 King James Version (KJV)
12 But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:
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