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Celeb weights

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Default Celeb weights

...and you wonder why it's never enough. Here's a list of a few actresses heights and weights. I'm not sure how acurate they are, but they look legit. I looked it up because I just saw Valentines Day and thought Jessica Beil and Jessica Alba looked under weight.

Adriana Lima: Victoria's Secret Model
Height 5'10" – Weight 112 pounds
Height 1.77m – Weight 50.91 kg
Jessica Biel: Actress (started on "7th Heaven")
Height 5'8" – Weight 108 pounds
Height 1.72m – Weight 49.09 kg
Kate Beckinsale: Actress (movie "Underworld")
Height 5'8" – Weight 115 pounds
Height 1.72m – Weight 52.27 kg
Gabrielle Union: Actress (movie "Bring it On")
Height 5'8" – Weight 110 pounds
Height 1.72m – Weight 50.00 kg
Jessica Alba: Actress (movie "Into The Blue")
Height 5'7" – Weight 127 pounds
Height 1.70m – Weight 57.73 kg
Megan Fox: Actress (movie "Transformers")
Height 5'6" – Weight 114 pounds
Height 1.67m – Weight 51.82 kg
Roselyn Sanchez: Actress (TV show "Without a Trace")
Height 5'7" – Weight 130 pounds
Height 1.70m – Weight 59.09 kg
Eva Longoria: Actress (TV show "Desperate Housewives")
Height 5'2" – Weight 105 pounds
Height 1.57m – Weight 47.73 kg
Salma Hayek: Actress (movie "Desperado")
Height 5'2" – Weight 115 pounds
Height 1.57m – Weight 52.27 kg
Kelly Hu: Actress (movie "Scorpion King")
Height 5'5" – Weight 122 pounds
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jeeze, i cant believe eva longoria weighs 105. we're the same height and i cant imagine weighing that much (or wanting to). i'd look like skeletor or something.

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I think actresses are notorious for lying about their weight, I wouldn't really believe any of those numbers.
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OMG, ncuneo.....I did the same thing last weekend when I watched Valentines Day on pay per view! During the movie, I wondered what Beil's height was and I looked that up with her weight! I found that same list in my Google search. Alba is such a skinny little thing, paper thin, I find it hard to believe she is 127, maybe during her TOM, in a soaking wet towel and on a full stomach, maybe. She doesn't look 'muscle solid.' In the movie, when she was leaving her boyfriend in (the bedroom scene), she looks like she can fit comfortably if she were to slide down into a poster tube.

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I do know supermodels average about
5'11'' and 117 lbs. So the VS model
could be close to there. I wouldn't
doubt it.
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I bought the new issue of Allure magazine with megan fox on the cover and inside it she says her weight is usually around 100 lbs and that the heighest she ever got to was 118 from going on birth control right before she appeared on a episode of two & a half men a few years back but she lost it and as skinny as shes lookin these days I guess I am not surprised that she says shes around 100 lbs...but damn =/ makes me feel worse since i think her bodys just about perfect and shes only a inch taller than i am. Yikes!
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My first thought was Yuck! I myself have gone through anorexia and come out the other side (thanks self for wrecking my metabolism something I care about nowand know exactly how I looked at 5'8" and 100 pounds...like walking death. I've been where these people who are supposed to "have everything" and be "role models" are weightwise, and it sickens me to see pics of myself that thin.

My fav actresses and ladies in general are much larger while remaining healthy...Lucy Lawless, Catherine Zeta-Jones, etc. I simply prefer ladies who look like they could be functional instead of simply a pretty face.

I'm sure my opinions are shaped by my experiences, and I'm glad they are. I'm so worried about coming generations watching people who look nothing like the majority of viewers having success and fame based on their unrealistic looks. I was a healthy normal child who had no weight issues until I tortured myself into a size 8 and near death because I didn't look like the thin blonde models or actresses. Scary stuff.
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Originally Posted by mizmizzy View Post
I bought the new issue of Allure magazine with megan fox on the cover and inside it she says her weight is usually around 100 lbs and that the heighest she ever got to was 118 from going on birth control right before she appeared on a episode of two & a half men a few years back but she lost it and as skinny as shes lookin these days I guess I am not surprised that she says shes around 100 lbs...but damn =/ makes me feel worse since i think her bodys just about perfect and shes only a inch taller than i am. Yikes!
From what I've read about Megan Fox's attitude towards food (would rather go a week without eating than cook herself a meal etc etc....) I think she sounds as screwed up about food (and other things) as someone can be. She doesn't inspire me one iota.

On the other hand, someone like Jennifer Aniston is a huge inspiration to me. From what I can tell she eats a very clean, healthy diet, is a yoga and fitness devotee and her body looks incredible. She is not underweight and doesn't starve herself. That is the kind of mindset and body I aspire to have.

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On that list I give props to Roselyn Sanchez who looks smoking at 130 lbs!
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From what I've observed, a lot of actresses go through periods when they are on very strict regimens of diet & exercise, "making weight" for filming something in particular, for however long that takes, and then afterward, relaxing somewhat (though not completely). I do not think they always "hold" the weights recorded for long periods of time. I mean, I don't think they're going up a huge amount afterward, but they may add another 9-10 pounds between roles, then work to take them off again.

This is possibly most true of "serious" actresses than the glamorous girls who don't "disappear" into their roles. There are famous beauties who are also stars & can act somewhat & then there are working actresses who came up through theater roles & etc. & do something more like "character" roles. The standards appear to be a bit different for each.

My other thought is that it is these women's job to be beautiful. For the purposes of their income, it is important that they keep their weight low & thus it has the highest priority with them. The rest of us are more like amateurs compared with them, making our living in a different way & using what time we have left over for our exercise, cooking & beauty regimen, or for training, if we're more serious about being athletes (as a kind of second nightshift or morning shift job).

And my final thought is, yes, when they're on top, they are really on top, but they have to exploit this earning potential as much as possible during their prime years, while they can. Because the industry considers them so disposable. I'm sure you've all seen actresses lamenting the lack of good roles after they reach a certain age. So they have to bank on their bodies & faces while they can, like teenage girl athletes in some exacting sports. This part, I don't envy them. Particularly when I see once lovely women with parts of their faces slightly "off" or distorted by cosmetic surgery.
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Thing is... It's probably not hard to stay thin when you've got personal trainers, nutritionists, and personal chefs waiting on you all day. Also, when it's your job to look good, that helps too.

*Though I'm sure they could all stand to gain a few pounds
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If you got all those from one website, I think I've seen that one....and it listed Reese Witherspoon as being 5' 6"....which is laughable. She is maximum 5'2". Just saying...can't believe everything you read on the internet.

Though some of those might be accurate, I'd take those numbers with a grain of salt.
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