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Default Water CAN make you fat: How chemicals in drink can trigger weight gain and fertility

This is from http://www.dailymail.co.uk

Check it here


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Hormones in water from birth control and other hormone regulators is a problem (fish by water purification plants are known to have reproductive disorders and even become intersexed) but the Daily Mail is not a paper I can take too seriously so... I will not be blaming water for the fact that I ate too much and moved too little any time soon.

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It is pretty interesting though.. I'd like to see more research into this!
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These types of articles are irresponsible and so very common. It is one long list of things that *may* contribute. He gives no data on how much a problem is actually caused. Just that all sorts of things *could* happen.

Lots of the issues he mentions could be important. But he says nothing actually helpful and concrete and nontheoretical about the problems.

And then it gets just stupid:

"When you open bottled water, it is no longer sterile and so sits like a stagnant pond attracting bacteria."

OK. And how many people have been made sick because they, you know, drank from an nonsterile bottle or cup? Seriously?

Which is immediately followed by,

"If you want to bottle your tap water once you have filtered it, an alternative is to buy an eco product such as the Bottle for Life, a BPA-free stainless steel bottle that you can fill up and keep in the fridge. "

So why is purchased bottled water a problem because it's no longer sterile after you open it, but if you bottle your own, it doesn't matter anymore?

And he finishes with,

"There's no point in any of us trying to eat healthily and exercise if we don't do something about our water. "

That's right. Chuck it in girls, there's no point to what we're doing.
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A interesting article. I would have to say that I will continue to use water as my number 1 means of hydration when I exercise.

I used to drink Smart Water thinking that it would provide me with electrolyte functionality, but as I learned at work(we are doing a marketing campaign for Aquafina) Smart Water's electrolytes are FAR from functional:/

That's something that I need if I want to stay hydrated and want to get tired less frequently, so now I am weighing my options amongst the more functional brands.
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I never drink tap water.It tastes bad and you have no idea where it came from or what's in it.I only drink bottled water.
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I drink tap water. I live in a big city in a 1st world country, and our water supply is tested regularly. It tastes fine to me, and any impurities build up your immune system and reduce antibiotic-resistant bugs. IMO.

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Bottled water is often just some other city's tap water (usually filtered, but it doesn't have to be). In most cases it's easier to find the analysis for your own city's water supply, than to try to identify the water source(s) and get the analysis for bottled waters.

No bottled water company is going to admit that they don't filter their bottled water (or that they, like the vast majority use a filtering system is no better than a home filtering system like a Britta pitcher).
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