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Default Is anyone doing Black Friday?

I've only done black friday once. We have these outlet stores that open at midnight on black friday. They're about 20 minutes away from where I live but it took us about.... 3.5 hours in the traffic!! There was nothing good there, or maybe it was just allll the people that made it too difficult to even look. Anyway we left after 20 minutes without buying anything.

This year we are planning on going to target, which opens at 5am. I think since I'm going for a specific item it will be less overwhelming, maybe. I wonder what time I should get there, considering it's a big ticket item???

Is anyone else doing black friday this year? If so, where?

Any suggestions for how early to arrive? Should I map out the quickest route to the electronics section a few days before LOL?
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I've worked Black Friday several times...and so now I refuse to go anywhere on that day.

My advice? Unless you have something you're dying to have that is only around in the morning (some stores run specials until noon or whatever)...go later in the afternoon. Even more so to the bigger stores. A lot of those "one-day only" sales are brought back, without the crowds.

Otherwise, wear tennis shoes and skip the workout that day Good Luck!
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keep in mind that what is advertised in the sale- usually they only have a few of in stock. if you want a specific item you need to be the first- or you won't get it or they'll try to talk you into something similar not on sale. all a part of the plan.

i'd rather be dipped in hot oil and tarred then participate in black friday. i shudder at the thought. lol.
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LOL you guys are hilarious! I'll be SURE to wear my sneakers! And yeah, the ONLY reason I'm going is to get a new tv, that's why I think I'll need to be there at like, 2am! Not looking forward to that haha!

Are there any other good deals out there that anyone knows of?
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Reached Goal: 145 Pounds::: JUNE 12, 2010!!!

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**** no.

You couldn't PAY ME to shop in a store on Black Friday (worked 2 Christmas seasons at a mall B. Dalton bookstore, I am permanently scarred).
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I'm sure my mom and sister will drag me. I have personal space issues and the crowds on black friday make me anxious and irritated, but we go every year. We don't do any of the crazy midnight or 3am shopping. We usually wake up at about 8 and get to the mall at 9-9:30ish
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Unless you can be the 1st or 2nd in line, I wouldn't bother at all. And I'd suggest you drive by Thursday evening (or if Thanksgiving is too busy - Wednesday evening - yep Wednesday evening) to see if crowds are already gathering.

It's becoming more and more common for folks to start lining up (and essentially camping out) Wednesday evening for stores with big ticket items such as Target and Best Buy.

This means people are missing their entire Thanksgiving, just for the chance to get the one or two items the store will have on hand.

A couple years ago, my husband was able to pressure a couple few salespeople (from different stores) to admit on the phone how many items they get in of each of these super sale items. I say pressure, because it was like pulling teeth to get the salesperson on the phone each time to admit it. They're under strict rules not to divulge the information, because it would tick off so many customers. Hubby is very good at getting information from people though, and finally by a game of "I'll guess so you won't actually have to say it, and I'll promise never to admit I heard it from you." Only from one store did he have no trouble getting the information (and we suspected it was because the salesperson he talked to didn't know or didn't care that he wasn't supposed to talk about it).

In every case the MOST that was ever said to be in stock was THREE items.

We also learned later from a friend who works in retail that at stores like Best Buy - you have to be in the first three in the door - and you neede to know where to go immediately. Some stores require you to get the item from the shelf yourself, others will let you buy the item at the checkout or customer service desk - even though you don't have the item in your hand - so these people will run directly there - while everyone else is running towards the item on the floor.

Also, since the people standing in line on Wednesday know how this works, they bring their families and friends - so they're not just the first person in line, they're the first 10 people in line, and they run directly where they need to go, because they've done this before.

Also, if you think maybe you'll get lucky and the item you want, won't be on the list of the people in front of you, think again. While the flyers generally limit one item per customer - that's only for that specific item, a customer can buy one of everything that is on sale, as long as they don't buy duplicates of any of the items. Those people at the front of the line (who've been waiting since Wednesday) know this, and they're out to get EVERYTHING on the list, because most of them are planning on reselling the items.

It encourages cut-throat behavior at the door (which is how that poor man was killed, I believe it was last year), trampled to death because he couldn't get out of the way fast enough when he opened the door to let customers in.

If you go, be careful.
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Maintaining :)
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Absolutely not.
There is nothing I want that badly. My time and health are worth more to me than saving a few dollars.

I'm trying to make more gifts this year anyway. And I'm still in de-clutter mode at home. Unless I absolutely NEED it, I don't buy it.

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I'll be up at 2 am and walking the stores. I love Black Friday, its fun to people watch and even camp out if I find something I just have to have....I camped out all night to get a Wii one cold November morning. And the fights over stupid toys, better than any hockey game I've been to, LOL
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There was a man trampled to death in my area last year... all because people wanted a good deal. No way will I ever go again.

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I refuse to go out of the house that day. The only way I will leave the house is to go to my deer stand. (yes i hunt). I have found that if you keep your eyes open all year you find just as many good deals with out all the commotion.
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I plan to. I'm going to be the customer for once on that day rather then the employee. Working the holidays and hearing the music over and over will suck the spirit right out of you. Then again I may just oversleep as I always do lol.
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THe rest of my family does, but I don't go. I don't like shopping, crowds, or traffic.

They hit Best Buys, Target, Kohl's and Frye's Electronics


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No way, I make it a point to not leave the house all day on that day. =p Things like Black Friday are why I like shopping online..!

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Did you guys see that the Target circular was leaked? The black Friday discounts are going to be awesome - $3 toasters! Apparently this is reliable and I don't doubt it - retailers are losing so much money this year.

It may be enough to get me to go out on the worst shopping day of the year!
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