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Default Smartphones

I think I've seen threads about this before, but nothing too recent.

Let's talk about smartphones! Including Blackberries, iPhones, whatever HTC makes, those T-Mobile ones that I know nothing about.... if you have one, what kind? On which network? What do you think of it? What features do you use regularly? If you don't have one, what would you consider buying? Would you switch networks for it? Which features are important to you?

I'm not trying to get any specific information, I just thought it would be a fun topic of conversation.

Most of the people I know have Blackberries... although it seems like iPhones are super popular elsewhere. Verizon has the best coverage here in the middle of nowhere in central NY, so I guess that explains it.

The Motorola Droid just came out today, and my husband and I are seriously considering it. (And not just because of the freaking awesome commercials.) Right now we're on a family plan with my mom and her husband (just voice, and limited texts), and my mom pays the bill, and we really need to cut those strings (that's a topic for another thread ). Just trying to decide if it's worth the money... we've got a bit of extra income and very secure jobs, so now would be the time!
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I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 with Verizon Wireless that I love love love to death! It's like my third hand lol. I have tons of apps for it, but I'm mostly on the internet (using Opera Mini, I don't like Blackberry's default browser), UberTwitter, Facebook, and The Weather application. Otherwise I'm texting non-stop lol.

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The plans are a lot more expensive in Canada. So I'm happy with my LG Rumour (not sure what it's branded as in the US) it's the one with the QWERTY keyboard. I'm also very limited on what network I'm on, there are two main ones in Canada, and one charges international fees for texts to the US, and the international bundle for texting is very expensive.


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My company has our cell service with Verizon and two of the other guys upgraded today to the Droids. So far they love them, but it has been less than 5 hours.

I have an iPhone and love it, also have a Blackberry Curve which I'm happy with (work phone). I've had Blackjack, Blackjack II, an Audiovox smart phone, an HP smart phone, so many other phones over time I can't remember... The iPhone is my favorite by far.
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I only have a smart phone (Blackberry) because work pays for it. I'm way too cheap and wouldn't pay for a data plan if I paid for my own cell phone.
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I prefer to have a PDA and a phone, as I don't like my whole life being tied up in one very losable and breakable piece of electronics. However, they don't make much in PDA's anymore, so I got the G1 a year ago (Android platform). I just traded it in, because that platform just doesn't have the applications I use yet. I've been very frustrated for the last year.

I got the HTC TouchPro 2 a few weeks ago. And I am SO happy! I use my phone to keep track of my checkbook, for a couple of excel files I use daily, and as an ebook reader. I also do occasionally use it for internet access. And of course - phone, texting etc.

Because of the ways I use my phone, I love having the full screen (ebooks and excel spreadsheets), but still having the full keyboard. If I don't have a full keyboard, I won't text, and my friends make fun of me! I'm just too old to fiddle with it.
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A full keyboard is important to me, too. I admit I am still struggling with the one on the iPhone...
I love eBooks on the iPhone though.
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I have a Palm Centro and hate the thing. it has terrible battery life it is always restarting. My bluetooth head set does not respond all the time-- i go to hang up with it and it will not hang up the phone i will stay connected until i look at it again. And i already sent it in and got a new one and am still having the same problems. I have been looking on and off for a different phone and have not found any that i like. This one is my first smartphone i do like what they can do and love it for that but otherwise i hate the Palm Centro.

DH uses an older HTC for his paper work at work and loves it and is looking at ordering one for his personal phone too.
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I have a blackberry tour from verizon and I absolutely love it!
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i have a samsung impression- i have no idea if it's considered a smart phone or not. but it has a touch screen and a qwerty keyboard and i am in love with it!! have had it for about four or five months now and i still love it. only problem that has come up is occasionally it stops wanting to send texts and i have to turn it off and back on again to get it to work again.
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I wasn't overly enthusiastic about getting an iPhone but my boyfriend insisted . . . and now I wouldn't want to be without it! Text messages are so easy and I love playing Scrabble on it. I also love being able to check my email or certain websites no matter where I might be, plus it's super handy for taking and sending photos.

Oh yeah, sometimes I listen to music on it too.

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I have a blackberry which has become an extension of my body. I commute 20 hours a week to and from work and spend most of my internet time on the train texting, messaging, twittering, facebooking, or checking 3FC on my commute. I also blog now on wordpress very often from my blackberry. All of my email comes through on my blackberry. So yeah. I'm an addict, but it saves me from using the net when I'm at home - then I have more time at home for exercise and hanging out with my husband.

I am in the Netherlands so my plan isn't really relevant to you guys, but I'm on KPN and it costs me around EUR 60 a month for everything (at least that's my budget and what I shoot for).

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I live in NJ and currently use the bberry rim which has a querty keyboard. My current service is thru t-mobile.
When I first bought it I switched out of Verizon bc their pricing was ridiculous! Now I cannot wait to get back to them as the coverage is far superior. Many of my hours are spent sitting on a train above or underground and tmobile just doesn't cut it the way Verizon does.
I would love an iPhone but will stick to a full keyboard bberry for my new Verizon contract starting in Dec. The prices are now a bit more reasonable.
Thx for starting this thread mayness!

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Default Fitness/Tracking Droid App Suggestions?

Thought I'd bump this one up since my Droid incredible is scheduled to arrive tomorrow (dances on my toes after the month wait for it to ship).

I'm wondering what Droid apps everyone likes to track their weight loss and fitness.

I've found a ton on AppBrain, but it's hard to know what the "good ones" are. The pedometer looks exciting... what else do you recommend?

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JayMar - I have a Droid Incredible. I have had it for a month. I wish I could give you tips on fitness apps for it. The only app I use a lot is the Battery Life application. Turns out the internet eats tons of battery and I run down my battery fast. I carry my charger everywhere with me now.

Otherwise, I love having a smartphone and can't live without it.

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