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~Don't Postpone Joy~
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Default What Are Your Pet Peeves Around the House ?

What's your pet peeve around the house and/or yard ?
I have a couple..

#1.. The 'newly' shaped tooth brushes don't fit in my ceramic tooth brush holder and I hate 'glass' thing...

#2... every time I go to plug something into the socket, anything, not the 3 prong so much but the others.. I place the plug the wrong way and have to turn it around... Even better, once I noticed this, I started turning the plugs 'around' before I tried plugging them in... still up side down... and I'll bet anyone reading this thread will think of it the next time you go to plug something in...LOL..

#3 One more, and it will prolly end my soda addiction... The newly contoured Cola, (Diet Sprite) bottle doesn't fit upright in my frig... water fits fine, I guess this is a sign...to get rid of the soda for good.

What are your pet peeves ?.... Lets Laugh !!!!!!!!! I'll bet it doesn't take you but a minute to think of a few...

~ Caroline~

~Change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change~

~If it is important to you, you'll find a way. If not, you'll find an excuse~

~Progress Not Perfection~

~To My Tuxedo Boys, Your Paws Have Left Prints On My Heart Forever~

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Must do this!!
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I hate light switches that aren't not the same direction...like if there's 2 or more and one is up to turn the light on and the other is down...eeerrr drives me crazy!!
Toilet paper roll...have to pull from the top, some ppl put it so that you pull from the bottom, dont know if you know what I mean. That drives me nuts.
If the table center piece for some reason isn't centered...drives me nuts!!

I know there's more...just can't think of it.

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Soul Cyster
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When people fill up a glass of water- take ONE sip, then dump out the rest! Uh hello?! That's so wasteful! Just take what you are going to drink!!

I also hate when people eat something then leave the remaining dishes/wrappers/cups on the table! Pick up after yourself!
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On our kitchen counter, after I get home from work, I lay out my wallet, truck keys, cell phone, i-pod shuffle, sunglasses, watch, gum and any receipts or notes I may have to take with me to work the next day...with these things... in my sight...I don't forget them.

In the morning they have all disappeared to a nice "cute" little basket Angie got me to dump in...I always forget something the next day...aaarrrggghhh
As long as I live I will TESTIFY HIS LOVE!

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wishin' for sun!
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The DH's stuff that he has to leave out on the counter after he gets home from work-you know, the wallet, cell phone, keys, work ID, etc. My counters are for kitchen stuff, not his clutter!

The noon, 1:00, and 6:00 pm fire siren-for Pete's sake, we all have watches now and don't need the city to blow the siren to know when to have lunch and dinner.

The empty pop cans on the counter Rinse your own and put them in the return bin!!!

7/18/12 became wheat- and dairy-free @ 235 pounds
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Senior Member
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When the toilet paper is not on the roll!!! I hate when lazy people just leave the toilet paper on the counter beside, or behind the toilet!!! Put it on the roll people!!!

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I love the "glasses" peeves...

Angie and I raised my son and daughter, her daughter and my nephew. They are all big water drinkers...we have a filter and fill a jug in the fridge.

Angie got tired of all the glasses in the dishwasher so she made them re-use the glasses....which was fine...then she got mad that they were all over the kitchen and dining room...4 glasses...so she made them put them on the kitchen counter...then she got mad they were always in the way! We do have limited counter space...

funny stuff....
As long as I live I will TESTIFY HIS LOVE!
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People who don't refill ice cube trays! Or don't use coasters!

20-somethings Halloween Challange: 87.1kg
Ultimate Goal: Lose 30.6kg (66 pounds) by July 29th, 2010

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Old Skool Breakbeat Junky
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A few of mine:

When someone fills up the trash can and doesn't take the garbage out. Also, when someone leaves an empty fridge pack of sodas or a milk carton next to the trash can instead of taking it out.

When someone spills something on the counter and doesn't wipe it up.

Toilet papers on the counter instead of on the holder for sure!!!! And I'm an over not an under girl myself.

Don't even get me started on my closet. I have a touch of OCD. My roommates used to go mess up a few things in my closet just to mess with me because it would take them 2 minutes to mess up and me 30 minutes to straighten out!
"What you set free will save you... what you do not set free will destroy you."

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happy in her own world
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husband always leaves about 1/4 of an inch of milk in the bottom of a glass - like behind his chair or somewhere that i don't find it til it's turned to smelly cement. grrr!
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fat one
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I hate it when the kids leave napkins, paper towels crunched up, or tissues right next to the trash can but not in it!
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I hate it when someone leaves dishes to "soak" and I have to reach my hand in there to empty it when it is cold and nasty!!!! YUCK!

I have 2 teen boys, I know there are more, I just can't think of them now.....
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Come on Spring!
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- BBQ lighters that don't
- bits of kibble on the floor around the dog dish
- musty smelling towels because they weren't hung up
- my keys are never where I left them
- compost containers overdue for emptying
- clothing left lying on the bedroom chair

I don't know who to blame for most of this as I live alone.
Change isn’t easy. But if you don’t change, you stay the same, and where’s the fun in that?
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getting back to 140
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^^ LOL!

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Let's do this!
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Filling the sink with dirty dishes. Don't they know that the person doing the dishes has to empty them from the sink and what a PIA this is and maybe if they were taking up counter space they would get done faster?

2011- putting on the baby weight
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