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Default Blood pressure and obesity.

The turning point for me was 2 months ago when I visited my doctor. My regular doctor wasn't there and I saw a different doctor. The new doctor was much more honest with me and told me in no uncertain terms that my weight was one of the main causes of my high blood pressure and that I needed to lose weight. I went out that afternoon and purchased a good blood pressure monitor and downloaded a software program to help me record and plot my blood pressure. In the past two months I have lost almost 25 pounds and my blood pressure has dropped by 10 points. The the time I lose my next 25 pounds, my blood pressure will be excellent. I went to the doctor today and he was so proud of my progress. I know many of you also have high blood pressure. You keep track of your weight and what you eat, but are you also keeping track of how your weight loss if improving your blood pressure?
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I don't have high blood pressure but I just wanted to applaud your success and results!!
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I just go by readings at the doctors. My bp was something like 201/109 - can't swear but it frightened a gym and a pharmacist! Even with 2 years of increasing meds, it was only down to 140/90. Now, with 50lbs lost, it's down to 112/64 (eep) and I've come off one of the two tablets.
You are right, it is so doable!

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High blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels are what started me on this journey. When I've lost weight in the past these levels go down. Yes, for many of us weight and these health issues go hand in hand. I can't wait to see my doctor in a couple of months (for a follow up) and see some better results!
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Mine was high/normal in the 130s/80s at my high weight and now it is low 110s/60s. My cholesterol has dropped from borderline high to normal. I qualified for the lowest life insurance premium my insurance company offers---the premium that agent said no one ever qualifies for. Oh yeah---I did!!! Our bodies really crave health, I think, and my choices for food and exercise have been rewarded by my body 10-fold.
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I actually have the opposite issue, I've always had low blood pressure, even at my highest weight. I'm usually between 90-100 over 60-70. Sometimes it can get too low though and I can get dizzy, especially when going from laying down to standing.
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I was on meds for high blood pressure when I was at 330 pounds but I have not needed medication in months now
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Way to go! I totally know what you mean. I had been on BP meds then I lost 98 lbs and was totally off them, unfortunately the last 2 years have not been kind to me. I lost my mom then my brother and totally went off track and gained 40 lbs back, I am back on them as of the day my brother passed. I hate them. I am trying to get my head back together and get back OP. Not having great success but I keep on trying. You keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to all of us! Take care.....

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