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Default Have You Ever Met a Famous Person ?

I don't know what got me thinking about this today... but I remember a few brushes with stardom in my life...

Long long time ago meeting Elizabeth Montgomery (Bewitched) in Salem MA while she was making a movie...

Sitting back to back with James Taylor in a pub on Nantucket Island.

Nearly bumped into Luciano Pavarotti dressed in his tux leaving the Four Seasons hotel in Boston before a performance.

Passing the table that JF Kennedy Jr. was sitting at, by himself having coffee, I turned around to go back for another look and a large man (security ?) got up, smiled and softly stepped in front of me, he said nothing, but I got the hint.

Shaking hands with John Henry (owner of Red Sox) in a hosptial waiting room, he gave an elderly man his red sox cap off of his head... and the guy cried..

what about you ??

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The only celebrity I ever met was Pierce Brosnan. He spoke at a Christmas tree lighting for a medical center, and then greeted anyone who wanted to wait in line to meet him.
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I met Meat Loaf, Seve Ballesteros, Christopher Reeve and when I was a teenager The Bay City Rollers. That was the highlight of my life. I was 14 years old
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When I was a teenager they used to hold a celebrity tennis tournament in our town (Wayne Gretzky). The hotel we had a pool membership was crawling with them, although few made that much of an impression. I spent a lot of time talking to guys that my father would then say 'do you know who that was' and I'd go... no. They were a combination of B list actors and A list sports stars.
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Sean and Robin Wright-Penn, shopping in the same store in Soho, would never have noticed them except for the paparazzi that appeared out nowhere snapping pics...

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Living around Nashville, you tend to see more than your fair share of country music musicians, but the only celebrity I've actually met and shook hands with was Little Richard. He just happened to be eating in the same restaurant as us. I was in a group of kids from an independent living facility, so he took the time to come over and make our day. From what I remember he was quite funny!
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Just Me
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I'm not really a fan of meeting celebrities. I grew up in CA and I remember it wasn't uncommon for sitcom actors/actresses to sign autographs at malls and such. I'm not sure if that still happens but I remember once my mom wanted to stand in line to get autographs so we did. I can't remember who it was though.

When I went to college, 90210 was filmed there but I didn't watch it so couldn't tell you who was who. I think a movie was also filmed there while I went there. Also, I went to another school for summer school and I remember seeing Valerie Bertonelli filming a movie.

Also, when I was at Starbucks at an airport once, I noticed the person in front of me was from Young and the Restless. My parents used to watch it so I recognized her.

I think there was another instance but I can't quite remember. I'll have to think about it.
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Being in construction I have worked on several of the Padres and Chargers houses, along with local TV news people. Have had a couple sports stars speek at our church and have met a few at fundraisers. Unless you are a Padres and Chargers fan it wouldn't mean much...and I am not...go Dodgers and Raiders!
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Just Me
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Oh sports, that reminds me. I can't remember who it was but I was waiting at a restaurant to eat with some coworkers. We were outside waiting for our table.

We see the question mark man (the infomercial guy) drive by in his car (its one of those cars that looks like a box and has question marks all over it. Then I see a couple really really tall guys walk by (7 ft tall). One of my coworkers says they were a couple of famous basketball players. I didn't know the names as I don't know basketball.
You can't out-exercise poor eating habits.
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OK you guys...........about two weeks ago I got to meet Travis Walton. Now, you say, who is that???? Remember the movie "Fire In The Sky" with DB Sweeney about the lumberman in Snowflake, Az who was abducted by the UFO and disappeared for 7 days? I got to meet him and got his autograph. I loved it. Always wanted to meet him.

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I met halle berry, when she was in town filling one of the x-men movies. She was super nice. She came into the clothing store where I worked tried on just about everything and didn't buy a thing, but she took the time to hang everything back up and apologized for wasting my time. One of the x-men movies used a family friends house as set. Partied with vanilla ice last summer (got his number actually) though I was pretty drunk and don't really remember. I served Casey Afflect when he was in town filming that big brad pitt movie, Jesse James or whatever it was.
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Brown Eyed Staccie
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I've met my fair share of celebrities being in the industry I am. I recently met Robert Pattinson from Twilight - yum is all I can say!!!!

Best celebrity I have ever met is Ozzy Osburne - he is so awesome.
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Originally Posted by PearFreak View Post
I've met quite a few...

Plenty of NASCAR drivers *sigh*, The Beach Boys (we were on vacation and they were playing in the amusement park down the street), Meatloaf (my friend won tix and got backstage passes too), The Wiggles (my kiddos and I got backstage passes and during the concert 2 of their dancers and Anothony and Jeff came right up to us while singing to shake their hands) and Norah Jones and Amos Lee at a concert. Can't forget Kevin James either.
My sister worked as a nanny for these super rich folks near Houston. They flew her down to the Bahamas to pick up the kids once and she wound up sitting on the dock yapping with Dale Earnhardt, Sr. She actually told him that he hadn't been driving like he used to. The man had a broken collarbone and sternum from a recent "racing incident". "For Pete's Sake," I told her. "You don't tell a freakin' legend that he's getting old!!!"

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I met the dad from Wonder Years- I was about 11, and he winked at me. I was so freaking trilled. there were a few other celebs there, but i can't remember who any of them were. they were working on the clinton campaign and so was my mom.
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I was a massage therapist for a few years. I gave a massage to Walter Abercrombie (former Steelers players) seems he tore a thigh muscle in the NFL and it was giving him trouble.
I haven't run into them yet, but Ted & Shamane Nugent shop in the same grocery store I do.
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