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Default More To Love - reality show for fat people???

So now they are going to have a reality dating show based on larger people? I somehow doubt the sincerity of the creators who say they just want to portray participants in a more normal reality that most women are not a size 2 and men are not all slim and buff.

I think they are banking on the fact that America will have some sort of morbid fascination of watching two large people in a hot tub making out.

Judging by the comments left by people after the article it may backfire on them. When I read the comments left by others I am not surprised because the people can hide behind their computer screens and say what they REALLY feel.

Most people are polite to your face because they fear a confrontation or don't want to look bad but when you read the comment after the article you can see what a lot of people really feel about over weight people.

I think the show will tank!


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The show sounds kinda stupid. I guess that's just me though- i hate reality tv shows. I wouldn't watch the ones with the beautiful people in them either.

What got me was all those comments on the bottom. Some of them even offended me, which is really hard to do. I must say I'm not entirely surprised that so many people are disgusted by fat people. What bothers me though is that it didn't necessarily say that the people on the show would be fat, just that they wouldn't be beautiful and a size 2. So that makes me wonder what exactly these people who are so disgusted are considering to be fat? Is a size 6 fat? a size 14? What if the person is a size 2 but has "meth mouth" is that okay? Because she's skinny?
Our society's idea of what is beautiful, what is acceptable... just seems so skewed to me.
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I took a course about fiction one time. Apparently there are only so many plots for books, movies etc. All stories are just variations on the same few plots. When I try to find something to watch on TV, I'm acutely aware that this is so.
... Susan
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*Flatiron, im glad you posted this, after reading the comments at the bottom of the page you can more than likely guess that the only reason people would watch this show is, (like you said) that most people are just interested in watching two larger people in a hot tub. The comments are shocking, but i shouldn't be surprise, Idon't judge people based on looks and size, but i keep forgetting that the majority of people do. Skewed is right!
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