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Gallbladder problems

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Default Gallbladder problems

an anyone give me any idea on how difficult gallbladder surgery is?I have know about stone for 4 years or so but only started having major pain in last month.I will most likely be having surgery next week.I am just curious as to what your recovery was like and how painful(I hate pain)LOL>
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I had my gallbladder removed last July. I had the laparoscopic surgery, and I woke up with no pain or nausea. There was a little bleeding through the stitches in the bellybutton area, but I had hardly any problems. I started exercising again (walking) four days later. I was off work for six weeks, building up my strength.
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Okay...this was my exact experience. I'll skip the pain of the gallbladder problem as you already know how badly THAT sucks

I went it, they put a mask on my face and told me to breath deep. I got two breaths in and next thing I knew is I was elsewhere in a dark room where a nurse was telling me to breath deep again and I felt my chest cavity fill with air. I stayed in there until I was fully awake and then taken to recovery where my husband was waiting for me.

My back hurt mercilessly. Nobody could figure out why, but I suspect the hard surgery table...I can't sleep on my back at night because it hurts my back.

My brother told me that when he had his out, after about an hour of waking up, he tossed his cookies. I did not want to toss my cookies after frontal abdominal surgery, so I asked for a medication to keep my from tossing my cookies. My advice...don't ask for this and allow your cookies to be tossed if they want to be. I was nauseous for hours until the medication wore off and I tossed my cookies anyway, so having done so earlier would have enabled me to have just gotten it overwith. I ended up being the last in the recovery room to leave because of it.

Anyhow...I got home and I was pretty much fine except for lots of bandages on my front. I ate toast and tea for the entire next day and started to feel much better...I mostly felt groggy. By the next day, I was up and demanding KFC in exchange for the safety of my family (or I'd kill them). When I went back a week later for the doctor to take off my bandages, I was shocked at how tiny the incisions were. I mean, three one-inch incisions that could be covered with a band aid.

I was a total cinch. I would not be worried AT ALL. The recovery is miniscule compared to the shear pain of a gall bladder attack. Seriously. Within a week, it will be as if nothing had happened except you feel miles better having had that useless organ removed from your body. As far as scarring, if I didn't have stretch marks from pregnancy and in a size 14-16 figure, I'd SO wear a bikini with them. I have to really search to find the friggen things.

Anyhow...not to worry. The only thing you should worry about is increased appetite as all those things that bring on a gall bladder attack that you couldn't eat before will be back on your menu and with a vengeance. I gained probably 20 lbs because I became a pig. Just watch what you eat, is all.

Good luck!! Let us know how it all comes out!
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Had laprascopic surgery to remove my gall bladder 3 years ago. Easy peasy! You go into the OR, they put an oxygen mask on you, they give you an IV, you count backwards and when you open your eyes, you are in recovery! Surgery took about 45 minutes, too. Here are some hints:
Ask for LOTS of gravol post-op so you don't barf. Nausea after a general anesthetic is common.
Your back and shoulders will ache -- this is because the gas they use inside your abdomen that moves everything apart to let them remove your gallbladder comes out through your muscle and tissue spaces. This is why it is uncomfortable, but NOT painful. And it goes away after a few hours.
I was given a prescription for pain medication, and didn't take a single one.
I've had strep throat that was 100 times worse than this surgery.
Don't worry! You'll be fine!
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Thanks all.I was soooooooo freaked out.
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if your having pain, drink apple cider vinegar (i mix with real apple cider) about 2tbl to a glass almost instantly stops the pain at least for a little while. also drink lots of organic apple juice. its good for the pain. there are lots of homeopathic remedies online that work well. this one worked for me
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Thanks.Had it out Monday.Sore but glad surgery is over.Now hoping to be "normal" again!!
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