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Default Do you cry when watching the Biggest Loser?

I've been watching the Biggest Loser online and last night I watched week 7. I started crying when the son was helping his dad down the mountain. Other points in the show really made me cry too. It happened last week as well when I watched it.

Maybe I'm just a big softy but its so amazing to see the struggles of people who weighed what I did and are trying to kick some major butt. I do feel a bit envious and wish I was there kicking butt too.
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Oh all the time!

My dh gets so tired of watching TBL because of all the weepiness. But he doesn't understand what they are going through. So, usually, I try to keep my tears to myself!
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i literally cry every show during the weigh-ins and the transformation moments...its so freakin touching i cant help myself

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Im glad Im not the only one..lol My BF will yell from the other room are you crying again! Lol...
I love the show, I never miss an episode. It just amazes me what these people do and how they can push themselves like that. Its really insperational.

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all the time.. i'm a very emotional person and that show is very endearing and it really gets me sometimes. i also cried when the son was helping his dad down the mountain

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One day at a time
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I don't cry while watching...especially when everyone else starts with the crying...guess I am just getting annoyed with all the crying and whining on the show.
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I didn't cry this time, but the youngest contestant's relationship with his father has made me cry in the past. I never cried last season. I thought some of the contestants were just nasty people. I did cry, however, on the Top Chef finale after Carla gave her speech on why she should win Top Chef.
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I cry during it all the time.
Last nights moment was when Dane said When he was overweight he felt like he was letting his family down. OMG I feel like that every single day, I feel like my and my familys life is on hold due to something I should be able to control.
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No, I don't cry. I feel for what they are going through, as I can relate to alot of it though. I am glad that they aren't 'game playing' as much as last year, because last year's contestants were just getting ridiculous.


"When your belief in you and your dream, is greater than your belief in other people's opinions, you will have mastered your life."

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I usually cry or at least get teary eyed at least once during the show every week. I was teary eyed yesterday during the weigh in after seeing Kristin's reaction to her WI.
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Depends on what else is going on in my life.

During the previous season's show, my father was dying of cancer. I sometimes watched episodes on hospital TVs. I would bawl like a baby over the ongoing travails of Coleen & her father Jerry. I know this is because I was really feeling the father/daughter bond. The show was the trigger, but I wouldn't get weepy if I weren't already vulnerable.

Of course, if it's during PMS, particularly the day just before, I will weep over anything. Even Hallmark commercials.
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WOW! I didn't know people cried watching TBL! I have never felt like crying watching the few episodes i have watched.

In fact I feel inspired when I see all the weight the people have lost!
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To be honest, I don't watch it very often, and I don't cry at anything unless it's a personal issue with me
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I was totally curious if other people cried too.
I cry every once in a while and it's mainly because of the relationships like mike and his father.
I try to hide it from my boyfriend cause I feel silly but I can't help it.
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