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Default Your Nicknames you can't stand!!!

Ok each person has to think of their nicknames that you have ever had and pick the one that is your least favorite and post it!!! I am curious to see what kind of nicknames people have

Mine = Monie .... Like the song "Monie Monie"

I can't seem to live this one down!! It is unneccasary and it is from when I was an infant "moaning" in my crib. Geez thanks dad!

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I hate "Becky."

One guy started calling me "Chewbacca" because it sounds like Rebecca... I mean, really?

My last name (I wont tell) but it's an animal, so I'd get that animal's noise called out to me. Not in a mean way, just guys trying to get my attention. I know that's not a nickname. But annoying, still.
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My first name is Sarah and my maiden name was Ferguson....Yeah.

So I got called Fergie and The Duchess A LOT. I'm 25 and I've been called that since I can remember by random people who recognize the name (The Duchess of York). I've always hated it....even after the singer Fergie came out and made the nick name kinda cool. I was so glad the day I got married.

My little sister has called me Oley since she was a about 5. She says it's because one day I was screaming "Oil of Olay" over and over for God only knows what reason (I don't remember this at all, but I would have been around 12 or 13 at the time and I always do weird crap that that all the time, so I guess it happened). She called me Olay for a little while but it eventually morphed into Oley and she's called me that ever since.
I like this nick name though. I want my nephews (her babies) to call me Aunt Oley when they start to talk.

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My name is Sherri.
The most thing that annoys me is when people start singing "SHERRRRRRI, SHERRRRI BABY" This nurse where I work sings it everytime she see's me. It never fails.

My best friend calls me Sherbear. I don't mind that so much.
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ugh my name is Randi and everyone for god knows what reason calls me Randall. if i was a dude, i would have no problem with it, but uhhh i'm not.
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I sort of have two different names depending on whether someone is speaking to me in English or in Polish.

In English, my name is AnnMarie. Ugh, I hate when people call me just Ann / Annie / Anna or any shortened version of my name. Worse is when people randomly make up things that sound similar. It's amazing the number of MaryAnne's and even RoseMary's that I've gotten.

In Polish, my name is AnnaMaria, but that is just too formal since we Polish people tend to use diminutives of everything, so I just go by Ania. A further diminutive of that is Anka and it drives me batty when someone calls me that. That's what my dad used to call me when I was getting in trouble!
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I worked at a record store many years ago and one of the guys started calling me the B**** (rhymes with witch). It was all in fun, and actually I kind of liked that.

My name is Allison and most of my friends call me Al. One calls me Fred and another calls me Bert (you know, Alfred and Albert). Someone once called me Sally.

All of those are fine.

I hate being called Allie.

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My name is Nicole.

I get called Cole, Coley, Nicoletta, Nicolio, Nikkinakka....

and the one I cannot stand; Nikki.

Only my grandma can get away with that.
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The one nickname that I absolutely cannot stand is Pete.
My da thinks it's loads of fun to call me Pete and my brother Repeat.

What's worse is when you've cut your hair very short and are dressed in a baggy sweater that makes people question your gender...
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wishin' for sun!
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My real name is Rhonda, so we had an adult neighbor growing up who always called me Rounder (yes, I was overweight then, too). I really hated that-I mean, how mean can an adult male be to call a little girl that I still can't stand my name. And, please, no Beach Boys songs..........Help me!

7/18/12 became wheat- and dairy-free @ 235 pounds
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*Courtney Rae*
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My name is courtney and the one thing i despise beign called is Corky! UGH it reminds me of a horse. I get called court or nini. My niece and nephew call me auntie rae (my middle name is rae)

Oh yea and my bf knows that my mom wanted to name me Bernadette so often he will call me Bernie and that makes me feel like an old woman. The only Bernie i know is like 90 yrs old.

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My name is Danielle and I'm not too fond of people calling me Dani. I liked it back in middle school but I'm a bit old for that now.

And also, this isn't a nickname, but I can't stand when people pronounce my name Daniel. Daniel is a man's name, which I am not. I mean honestly, Danielle isn't even an unusual name.
Perseverance not Perfection
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I wanna be a loser, too
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I dated a guy who decided to call me "Maffy". I don't know where he got that name. He was a twin and his brother was dating a girl named Candy. He thought that name was cheap so he started calling her April.

Glad I didn't get mixed up with that family. How judgemental.
love n kisses,

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Weight loss isn't linear and the body doesn't have a timetable. - thanks Glory87.

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The Prettiest Mud Puddle
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My name is Melissa... so naturally I get Missy or used to alot. I really don't like it. Now my other nickname (which had had several variations for the past 14 years) is Mud... which I don't mind at all, go figure.
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My first name is Dyan, which is pronouced "Diane", however I'm always getting called Dylan, Dionne, Ryan, and once Darren.

Middle name is Dee, (which I prefer), however that leads to "Dee Dee". Which is fine if you are a elderly family member or other old person that remembers me from when I was very young. I also let the little kids in my family get away with that because it's easy for them to say.

However for my mom, I also answer to: Gertrude Petunia, Gertrude McGillicuddy, and muskrat.

I know the origin of the muskrat nickname; my Dad wanted me to be his "gopher" one day (you know, go-for-this, go-for-that). I told his I didn't want to be a gopher, I wanted to be a muskrat. I don't have a clue where mom came up with the other ones, but I've answered to them for 35+ years.
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