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Default Credit cards

I just wanted to share my happiness! Sometimes, when you screw up and miss a payment on your credit card, they WILL take into consideration that you pay on time otherwise, and give you back your 0% interest rate, AND refund you your late fee and the $200 in interest they charged after the rate went up.

This is the last balance transfer I needed to pay off my old debt (I've learned my lesson, I have no further credit card debt, just need to pay off the old). I transferred after my last card's introductory rate went up (as they do after a year), to a new card with 0%, just as I was moving and lost track of the payment on the new card, and they jacked up my interest to 18% after I was only 4 days late.

But all is good now. I figured they'd be all HAHA we already have your money too bad! But they were actually willing to work with me! I'm so happy. I'll have this last bit of debt paid off before the introductory period is over.

Sometimes, asking nicely and politely really does work.
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congratulations! that is exciting.

i work for a financial institution and i'll tell you- if someone calls and demands that i do something i will try my hardest not to do it. but most of the time if a person is nice i either offer to just waive their fee or if they ask i will definitely do it.

i bet it feels good to being so close to credit card debt free! i can't wait til we're there but it'll be a while still.
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Great job on working hard on getting out of debt and learning your lesson!!!
I finally got out in February of this year. Seriously one of the best days of my life.
My car crapped out recently and now I have car payments, so I guess I'm back in debt, but it's not bad. I also keep a cc around with a low balance that I pay off monthly and keep it for major emergencies.
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Oh super congrats on getting out of cc debt! The absoultely best thing you could do, imo. I've also found out that if you are nice the companies will usually let you off the hook but if you go in all nasty, hey I'd do my best to not help too if I were them.

We used to have a gazillion credit cards, all these store cc, in addition to a few major. The payment dates were all different and more than once a payment got 'forgotten' and we ended up w/interest and late fees. After working at Kohl's and observing and talking to folks we dropped all store credit cards except for Kohl's (only because they give you additional discount coupons like ALOT) and two major cc. We also pay off the cc fully each month, on time -- especially these days. Good job on your accomplishment!
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