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Default Do you like your name?

Mine is sort of unique, so I do like it, but I hate having to spell it all the time.

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Eh i have never met one person with the same name as me, Cerridwen or when prononced properly its Kerridwen ...it is welsh and very few people can say it properly first go, which leads to embaressmet for me and such ...so basically i just tell everyone to call me sarah. I find it unlucky really, as my sisters got called normal names such as claire and angela but oh well ...so in answear to your question , no i do not not like my name ^_^

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Yes, I like my name. It's one that everyone recognizes and can spell, but not everyone has.
On the other hand, both my maiden and married name are ones that people can neither spell nor pronounce.

I love my online name. I should, I made it up myself.
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Well pat me on the back, I would have said both correctly .

I like my name....Margot.

It started out as a French name but became English in the 1400's when Queen Margot of France married into the English royal family. Being of french origin, the T is silent. But I constantly get MarGOT Margaret, Margit etc. My last name is worse..GULLIFORD..perfectly phonetic..GULL-short I- FORD like the car. So I get Margit Guildford MarGOT Gillfoyle etc. I even said that "ford like the car" to someone on the phone one day and got a letter addressed to Margaret FORDLIKAR! My favourite was an electricity bill addressed to M. GULLIFROG

THE WORST was first day of Grade Nine..you know when you just want to get through the first day of high school and hope no one really realizes you are even there? So I am sitting in the cafeteria during the first lunch period and a SCHOOL=WIDE PA announcement comes on. "Would MAGGOT GILLDFORD please contact the office"! MAGGOT...now honestly ...would someone name their kid MAGGOT? Would one not think that a high school secretary would be able to draw upon basic phonics skills?

My friends call me Magoo or Mugsy. But I love Margot..it is elegant. My mother named me after Margot Fonteyn, a famous British ballerina...a ballerina I ain't ( a a disappointment until the day she died I am sure )but I love the name

"Old ain't no place for sissies" Bette Davis

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i do now. i started using my hebrew name in 1989 when I left my first husband partially because I hated being Nancy.... it was a common name when I was born... and my family is from New York and my father WHINES Nancy... ugh.
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I do now. When I was first in grade school, I hated it. My full, given name is Misty Dawn Jungels. Kids made fun of the last name and it is ALWAYS misspelled. Adults (particularly old ladies! lol) called me Mitzi. People would say, "Oh, my dog's (or horse or cat or whatever) name is Misty.
When I was in 5th grade, I made a sentence out of my name: It's Misty at Dawn in the Jungels. In junior high, a friend started calling me Foggie (foggy) and I became Foggie Morning Forest.
As an adult, people think my name is pretty cool, and hey! I can make a sentence out of my name

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i do like mine it is adah and yep i got called adah potato all the time and later it was tater then it was tate. but growing up i new it was my moms best friends name who died soon after i was born. then i lost my mom at 13 and i new it meant alot too her that she named me adah.

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I dont care for my name, its pretty boring 'Amy' for a while I changed the spelling to Aimee', but that didnt last long because people then started spelling it Amiee..
what about middle names? Does anyone exist that actually likes their middle name? I dont care for mine 'Joyce" named after my grandfather Joseph. The reason I dont like it is because there was an unpleasant woman I knew growing up with the name Joyce.

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My name is Sherri. It's not bad, Not very popular for people my age. Only thing is, no one spells it correctly, everyone spells it SHERRY. Ughh. Also my entire life people have sang "Sherrrrrrrri bay-ay-bee" Haha.. It's kind of getting old now.
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I love my first name- Emilia- even though people often spell it beginning with an "A" no matter how often I tell them that it is just the Spanish version of Emily. I missed out on having a middle name, though. My Dad hated his, so he refused to allow his children to be "cursed" with middle names! Growing up, my last name seemed cumbersome, but I came to love it's uniqueness and to appreciate my family history, so I kept it the same after marriage. My DH kept his, too, as his is really easy to spell! LOL!
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I really like both my first and middle names. First name is April - I think it's pretty and I've long ago moved beyond other people's questions as to if I have a sister named May, is my middle name May, was I born in April, and their insistence of giving me three first names - "April May June."

My middle name is Derice, pronounced "Denise" with an "r." I've never met anyone with this name and I think it's just interesting enough and not too kooky.

My last name, however, SUCKS! I can't even begin to write what kids used to call me in middle school - fairly sure I'd get a not-nice PM banishing me from 3FC...lol. Needless to say, I will be taking my boyfriend's last name if/when we get married...lol.

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Not too fond of mine -- mostly because my mother took a cousins first and middle name and just switched them around for me (absolutely no effort) -- my sister got a much better name -- Angela Jayne -- I really like it for some reason.

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Karen: La Cicciona
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I like my last name, which is Italian and very pretty, but I don't care for my first name -- Karen. What IS that? It's not very feminine, or pretty. It doesn't roll off the tongue or sound great with my last name, so I don't know why I was given it.

Karen. it just lies there on the table. What IS "Karen"? I feel people unfamiliar with the name would be confused ab its gender assignment. They'd be confused that it were a name at all... it reminds me of a common noun you'd learn to spell in kindergarten -- box, wagon, sand, hat, boy, hand, Karen, king, play, etc.

And I don't like the hard "K" (or C) sound either... it jostles you. KKKKKKKaren. KKKKKK from the back of the throat. It's not really a pleasant sound -- it sounds like you're hacking up something. KKKKKKKHHHKKKKKK-aren. You just spit it out. I'm changing my lastname once I'm married (or rather, tacking it onto my current name, so my maiden name will be the middle name and the fiance's last name will be the last name) and that also starts with a K (hence "KLK") so I'm just KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! all over the place.

So, no, I don't like it.

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I like both my names, unusual for the time I was born and no one else had the name Cassandra when I went to school. I didn't like it when people tried to call me "Sandy" or "Casey". My nickname is Cassie. My middle name is May, the same as my grandmother's middle name.
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--Walt Disney

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Hate my name...Sara. There were 3 of us in my 3rd grade (out of about 25 kids!) and we all had the same last initial...and two of us had the same last name just spelled slightly different (Wild, Wilde, and Woods were our last names). You can't really make a nickname out of Sara, you can't do much of anything with it really...and it is so stinkin' common! That is one of the reasons I named my kids names that could be shortened and they each have an unusual name (my oldest's middle name and my youngest's first name) as well as a "normal" name. I was a tomboy and SOOOO wanted to be something like Josephine (though I'm glad now I didn't have that name) and be "Jo" or Catherine so I could be "Cat". I really wanted to be anything BUT Sara. I still don't really like it, don't think it fits me, and don't like my middle name either so I can't go by that. Aah well...what can you do.
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