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Default Ideas for Christmas gift for Mom?

I have a budget of 100 dollars for a Christmas gift for my mother. I'm a little stuck on what to do for her this year. Stuff like Bath and Body works is out since she's on chemo and everything smells bad to her or too strong. I asked her about a Spa certificate but got shot down due to "smells" as well. She does not need anymore clothes- she has 4 closets of clothes and also gave away close to 1/4 of her wardrobe this past summer and half of her clothes are still in boxes since there is no more closet space in the house she has- so gift cards to clothes stores are out as well. I'm truly stuck on what to do. I thought of getting a gift card to a nice restaurant for her but that's also out since she's so sick to her stomach all the time. Right now I just have 100 dollars cash stuffed into a christmas card but that just seems so impersonal. I'm not crafty at all either but am wanting to learn for next year's Christmas. So easy craft suggestions are welcome as well.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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Sometimes when I am really in a pinch, something engraved from Things Remembered is nice. It's personal, inexpensive (lots of things for under $100), and they have some really gorgeous things. I got my mother a crystal heart necklace in an engraved silver box last year and she went gaga.
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Could you give her the gift of time? Spend a day with her spending the $100 on what she wants to do or see or wherever she wants to go. Time is so important as you can never get it back.
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I wonder what items might make her chemo more comfortable. Is she going to a center for it? In that case, some sort of nice blanket/games to play/entertainment during chemo might be nice. You could make a gift basket of little entertaining things (maybe in a tote bag for easy transport) of stuff for her to do during chemo, if she is going to a center.

What about getting some sort of service? I'm thinking about, perhaps, a total housecleaning by Merry Maids or something...some sort of service that would remove a task that requires a lot of energy that she may not have while she is going through chemo.

If you want it to be completely non-chemo or cancer-related, what does she enjoy?
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With it being winter, maybe a no sew blanket. You said you weren't crafty - go to www.etsy.com and search for no sew blanket. They have many available. Make sure it's a double one (2 pieces of fleece tied together). They are SUPER toasty!

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I love some of the suggestions above! Other thoughts:
Does she have an mp3 player?
If she does, can it play Audible books? If she doesn't, how about her favorite music pre-loaded.

A scrapbook - organize her photos for her. (a fun and easy craft to learn) Have friends and relatives help you with notes or photos that she doesn't have.

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How about a gift certificate for a spa?
- massage
- pedicure/manicure
- facial
You can ask them for suggestions for someone who is going through chemo and just needs to be pampered.

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Does your mom enjoy plays? Maybe you could take her to a show?
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Dumb, but maybe if you call the American Cancer Society they would have suggestions of what people need/want during chemo -- maybe one of those "heat pillows" you can microwave for sore spots, some of the head scarves, if she loses her hair. My Aunt is going through chemo and she just enjoys the gift of company when she is not feeling so hot -- or a ride around town just to get out. Maybe buy a few board games you can play together when she isn't feeling well enough to go out.

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Wow thanks guys.. I knew I couldn't go wrong by asking this question on here.. I didn't even think of just giving her the gift of a girls day with her and 100 dollars or doing a engraved gift.. All the other suggestions were good and I will definitely keep those in mind too for future gifts. I think I will do the 100 dollars in cash and then tell her that the rest of my gift is a girls day out doing whatever she wants since she has been asking for a girls day out with me and I've been keeping myself fairly busy and probably will get even busier since I have a job interest and they seem quite interested in talking to me at least and so if I get this job I will be even more short on time. I also got her a spiritual calendar that has bible verses in it to help uplift her this year. Its my thing I always get her a new calendar too every Christmas, done it since I was a small child and the one year I forgot she got upset haha..

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