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Default How much

How much are you paying for gas , heating oil and milk . Here in Maine (northern Maine) we are paying 3.28 a gallon and 3.09 a gallon for heating oil and 4.02 for a gallon of milk .Just wondering what the rest of you are paying.
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Here in ohio today, gas was 3.15 a gallon. Can generaly get milk for 3.05 unless it is on sale and if you look you can find it on sale 2 for 5 dollars most of the time. I remember 21 years ago I told the husband. " When milk goes up to 1 dollar a gallon that is it. You don't get anymore milk. 79 cents a gallon is high way robbery. But then, I thought 65 cents for a gallon of gas in 1986 was high way robbery too lol and that price was on the turn pike where gas prices were real high lol gas at the courner station was 58 cents.
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Gas is at $3.10 Milk I'm not sure, bc I don't drink milk.
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Northern Michigan - Gas - $3.23 per gallon
Milk - about $3.00 per gallon

Heating oil prices in Maine actually made the news in a local paper (AP story). Not many people here use it, most heat with natural gas.

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Gas is $1.03 per litre (approx $3.92 per gallon).

Milk is anywhere from $4.50 - $5.00 per gallon

We don't use heating oil...so I'm not sure what that would be.

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I would love to pay 58 cents a gallon for gas I remember in 1986 my boyfriend paid .99 a gallon for gas there was a gas war between stations . 2 years ago I had to trade my SUV in it really liked its go-go juice a little too much lol.Our oil prices are suppose to be higher as if they are not high enough now some are talking 4.00 a gallon for gas and 3.50 for oil ouch

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Last I checked gas was around 3.40 here (we walk to work, so I only notice when we fill up which is maybe once a month.)

I don't drink milk, I just use it in cooking. I found a 20 quart box of dry for a steal at the Grocery Outlet (something like $5 a box.) I think that was a fluke though.

I have no idea what heating oil is. Everything is natural gas around here.
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Gas is $2.88 today. It was close to $3 last week. Milk is around $3.15. Don't use home heating oil. Heck even a loaf of bread can be close to $3.00 if you get the whole grain kind!!

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Default good question

Thanks for the question.

I am paying for exactly 30 years of Head-in-the-Sand_NO-NO-NO-Not- Gonna -Happen- American- People- No- Pain- Mentality. If we had set on the path Jimmy Carter put out for us so clearly: conservation, no more dependence on a resource that is running out and no more dependence on foreign oil, we would not be having this conversation. 30 years of American ingenuity (rather than gluttony and laziness) would have yielded alternative fuels, conservation, and no global warming. So much for us Americans who won't stand for any sacrifice, let alone conserve, or listen to a sensible message.

I admit, I was THERE 30 years ago. I listened; I GOT it, I bought in, but then I got caught up in the "I got mine" decade of the 80s.......and now it is too late. We got what we bought into when we said, "No pain; no sacrifice" and we will pay now, but our children will pay more.
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Okay, we don't use heating oil here either...natural gas.

Gasoline today was $2.97 but it was up to $3.09 last Friday. Milk is $2.98 a gallon.
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I paid 3.49 a gallon to gas up my car in Northern California. Last night was the first time this fall that I have turned my gas furnace on so don't know what my bill will be . I generally have one really high month then it drops down.
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$3.65 this morning for self serve. I didn't realize until I was already pumping. I need gas, I will always gas whether it's free or $6 a gallon. I drive a big SUV.......so needless to say, I've trained myself to not look =D

I don't have anything to do with heating oil, and I couldn't tell you the price of one thing at the grocery store....I just buy!

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$3.10-$3.20 a gallon. I always thought charging over $3 for gas prices was pure highway robbery. *Refrains from going into political-economy-rant mode, since I know it's against the rules here *
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Here in Wisconsin it's $3.15 for gas, $3.39 for a gallon of milk and I don't know about oil

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When I started driving, gas we 23 CENTS a gallon. (And I had a good job that paid 280 a month) I paid $2.83 today (Virginia). Milk is $3.99. Heat with gas so don't know about heating oil.

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