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Default The Toilet Paper Game...

Here's a question for those of you that live with a significant other, roomie, sibling parents...whatever.

This struck me today as I was using the potty. Me and my fiance BOTH hate changing the TP, so the rule in our house is the one who uses the last of it on the roll has to change it.

However, when the roll is almost gone, I find myself trying to conserve JUST enough so that he gets stuck with only one good wipe, AND changing the TP lol. And he does the same to me...We get stuck in quite the bind sometimes. And sometimes I will forget that I laid out the trap and it backfires on me!!

Just wondering if anyone else plays this never ending game.

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Yep...always. BF will even sit a new roll on the counter but not put it on and then the game goes on to see who will leave the roll on the counter longest

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LOL. I used to do this ALL the time. Especially when you have to go to another room, get the TP, and then come back and change it. For some reason I just HATE doing it. When the TP is just under the sink though, I don't really mind.
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I used to do that with my ex all the time. And then if he lost, he'd put the toilet paper on "backwards" (in my eyes) and I'd end up switching it around anyway. Good times.

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Why does it seem like it's always the female member of the household that changes the TP? When we renovated our downstairs bathroom, I purposely bought the type of holder where you just slip the roll on, without having to deal with pushing in the springs of the spindle type holder,etc. It STILL doesn't work all the time. The way I deal with it is to also have a wicker basket which holds two extra rolls and sits on the toilet tank--a little unsightly but better than being caught with your pants down without it I also have a linen tower in the bathroom which I keep a pack of 4 rolls up on top--it's tall enough so that i can't really see it blatantly out there in the open so it doesn't bother me too much.

And as for the right way or wrong way to hang the roll...my answer to that is it all depends on if you have a cat! I used to prefer having the roll hang down in front, until our new rascally kitty unravelled the whole darn thing and dragged it out into the hallway and beyond. Now we have to hang it the "wrong way". Oh, the mysteries of life.

Now, if only my 8 y.o. son would put the darn seat down! I've got his father trained on that after 18 years!
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I timed it once and it took me exactly 5 seconds to get the old roll off and the new one on. I bet I could have done it in 3 seconds. I don't know why it used to bug me, but it did. Now, I just change it. I do have the issue that I was raised to put the TP on with the roll going under and my boyfriend wants it rolling over. He sometimes makes me crazy!!
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lol we play this game, too. Especially the put-it-on-the-counter-to-see-who-takes-the-time-to-put-it-on game. Why is it so hard to take 5 seconds to change it? I don't know. But it's funny. Except when you get stuck with too little to do much good...then it kinda sucks.
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So it's not just my household?! I just noticed yesterday that we used an entire roll sitting on the counter before I had to put a new one on the roll- and actually, as it turns out it wasn't my husband who put it on the holder, it was his mom when she stopped in the other day *LOL*

and for me it must be under not over...
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In our apartment the stupid toilet paper dispenser is on the wall opposite the toilet!!! My DD couldn't reach it when she was littler, so we had to put the roll on the back of the toilet and that's where it always sits now
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I don't do this with the toilet paper. But I have to admit I sometimes do when it comes to refilling the Q-tip jar or the Kleenex dispenser.

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Four words really...His and Her bathrooms. He will get out a roll and sit it on top of the roller where it will stay until it's used up or if I happen to use the downstairs bathroom. But I ALWAYS put a new roll on AND refill the extra TP dispenser.

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I go through the same thing, but at work. In an office with 7 other women. Women who apparently NEVER change the roll at home.

We have two stalls--I used one of them earlier today and had to change the roll and about 30 minutes ago I stepped into the other one, noticed the roll was empty, and stepped right back out.

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We both do this.
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I don't care to just change it myself. He works hard everyday, the least I can do is to keep a fresh roll of tp on for him.

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LOL - What a fun game!!! We do it all the time.

But why is it that men just refuse to put the tp on the holder? I don't use the down stairs bathroom too often, but when I do go in there, I'll find an empty roll on the holder, and sometimes 2 or 3 empties on the counter, as well as a new roll on the counter! I know he doesn't change the roll, I always do that, but come on... at least throw out the empty tubes!!!!!
- Mare

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