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Default Why the heck are some people sooo good at EVERYTHING?

So I just got done from volleyball tryouts today... I am soo sore I can't even move. I've been playing volleyball for 4 years, and I'm a junior this year. One of my best friends has been playing for 1 year, also a junior. She made Varsity this year. I, and about 4 or 5 other girls who have been playing 4-5 years have made Jr. Varsity. Plus, she's great at piano and is taking all college classes this year. She's even supposed to be a Sophomore this year but she skipped a grade.

Also, she'll be like, "I'm going to stop eating candy and pop right now" and she'll DO IT! HOW oh how does she just give up the stuff she loves. It's insane.
I'm not afraid to admit that I'm so jealous of her!

Dangit! This is so annoying. I know like 3 other people who are like this... Varsity athletes, Honor society. Pretty and as in shape as they can be. How the heck to they do this?

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It's easy to envy others for their endless talent and abilities. But remember that there is someone out there wishing they could do something, or many things, like you. Heck. I envy you. When I was in high school, I was the fat funny kid. Never accepted in sports. Never popular. Never noticed. I wish I was 160 lbs. I wish I could even attempt a sport without being laughed at. It's always easy to admire others and wish you could be more like them. We all do it. And someone out there, or many someones, admire you. We're all lucky in one way or another. Don't forget to look at what YOU have.
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Oh sweetie

Just keep doing your best. It will work out, you'll see...you are just young right now. It can be tough, but God has great plans for you!!
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One of the things i noticed. Sometimes the ones it all comes easy to crumble when the world gets hard.

School was easy for me, it was hard for me to learn to work hard later.

OMG I sound like an annoying parent "hard work builds character" AACK, I'm old!
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I was that girl once...overachiever in everything that I did. Not saying this is the case for every keener out there, but I overachieved because I was so miserable with myself that I had to seek acceptance from outside...so I threw myself into everything that I did so that everyone would think I was so wonderful (because I needed that constant approval). Those years were easily the worst years of my life; I was very depressed, though no one knew that because I padded myself with accomplishments. I also envied other people for what they had and I didn't -- it was like no matter what I did, it was NEVER enough.

I'm much happier now that I have relaxed, and while I am still strongly motivated in many aspects of my life, I no longer feel that compulsive need to be the best at everything. It was a kick in the teeth when I realized that I couldn't be happy the way I was headed...there were a couple years of breakdown there that I wouldn't wish on anyone!

Not saying that it's wrong for you to feel jealous; it's totally natural to look at others and wish we had what they have. But keep in mind that these people may seem as if they have everything, but there are probably aspects of your life that they envy, too!

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Hey Bump,

I like what others have said--this is always a question, isn't it? Some folks have more talent than others, and not much can be done about that difference. In other cases, it's hard work. Some folks naturally have discipline that helps them keep practicing and working at something. This is a skill that can be learned.

Don't worry about these things too much--just do your best. Some folks' best is Jr. Varsity, for others it's Varsity, for others it's the Pro-Bowl! But as long as you are doing your best, you can be happy with your accomplishments no matter what.

Yeah, I'm old too. I'm kinda like ennay--things were easy for me in school, but later on in real life things were harder because that's where discipline comes in.

Enjoy your time!

"My religion is kindness." --His Holiness the Dalai Lama

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