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Default School Zones

Does anyone else find school speed zones somewhat ludicrous?

I say this because on my way to drop off dd at preschool I drive through :

1) The high-school 20 mph school zone. The biggest offenders are the highschool kids themselves, but uhhhh yeah, I expect teenagers to not jump into traffic. Of course this may be extending them more credit for brains than due. They walk to school in shorts and t-shirt when it is 18 degrees out.

2) The completely fenced in elementary school with a 20 mph zone just in case a kid at recess climbs the fence and dashes across the street.

3) The rest of the town with thousands of kids standing on sidewalks, in the street, hiding behind parked cars and chasing eachother into the street while waiting for the bus in a normal 40 mph zone. These are the kids I have to watch out for, but I can zip by at 40 mph and noone cares

How does this make any sense?
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I like one here in town. You get off the interstate ramp onto a 55 mph stretch of road, come around a corner and immediately hit a yellow flashing 15 mph school zone with no prior warning.

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Personally, as a mother of a young teenager who will be bugging me to get her own driver's license in a few short years and may be driving herself to school, I like the fact that as she's pulling out onto the road, the other drivers going by are forced to go a bit slower. Just a thought bubble I had. Our high school is also located just around the corner from a correctional facility and the shift change there is around the same time as when school gets out and I'll tell you...those workers are FLYING out of work and past the school at lightning speed. Its nice to see them get tickets from time to time.

I'm not so much into the speed being reduced as much as keeping a regular speed limit enforced during school hours.
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I agree sometimes they are excessive - and I don't know about anywhere else but I think they changed the law in Oregon and you have to go that speed no matter what time it is, used be just during school hours...

The big genius one here is a road that you can go 40 on, with lots of curves, and on the blind curves are cross walks for the elderly people who live in the many many nursing homes nearby. Now, there aren't any lights there, just a blind turn and boom, you're at a crosswalk that may or may not have an 80 year old with a cane struggling to get across. Pure stupidity. Especially since before they put the light by my house it was a struggle for ME not to get hit by a car at a major intersection.
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