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Default Are You Proud Of Your S.o.?

We have been doing a little bit of bashing here on some of the threads with our SO's...What I want to know is what are you "PROUD" of about them?

I'll start (I have plenty more) with this one ~

My wife has been training really hard to get back into shape to run 5K's. She ran one this week-end, a trail run, while I walked the 2 mile trail run/walk event. Anyway she won a medal for 2nd place in her age group! So here is a "shout-out" for my wife ANGIE!
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Let's do this!
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Ross put himself through undergrad and grad school and is now a couple of years away from being a principle at his architecture firm (he will be 30 when this happens).

AND he took out the garbage without me asking.

2011- putting on the baby weight
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DH is a wonderful father. He puts his kids and family before his job. He's a very hands-on Dad, doing the lions share of running them around after school and in the evenings. He's also a pretty good cook, when he cooks.

160 lbs lost!

My progress pictures
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DH -- works upwards of 60 hours a week so I can stay home with the kids. He fixes everything around the house (before it even breaks!) and he just got me a new car recently.

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My DH has been there for me through all my illnesses/surgeries. He works a lot of overtime to provide finanacially for our family. He puts his life on the line as a trooper to keep our little world safe here. I am very proud of him.


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So happy to be me :)
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My guy worked really hard to apply to grad schools. He was accepted to two really good schools, and they are bending over backwards to get him to go to each of those schools. It makes me proud to see how his hard work has paid off.
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Mark works really hard on his shyness and I've never seen him make excuses or apologies for who he is. Also, he is an amazing student (the kind you hate)..and a really great big brother
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I'm proud of DH because he volunteers as a Transport Policeman. He's also very hard working in his firm and is very knowledgeable about a lot of things that older more experienced people come and ask him about.

I'm also proud that he lets me be me sometimes! There was a time when he hated me going training, but last night I was asking him whether I should go training tonight or not, and I thought he'd say to me to stay at home and we'll cuddle. But no, he said go and show that you're interested... :
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Oooo yes! He's amazingly calm, capable, charming .... I like him, I really do!
... Susan
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Eating for two!
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Originally Posted by 2frustrated View Post
I'm also proud that he lets me be me sometimes!
I agree a million percent. My boyfriend doesn't hold me back from anything. He never asks me to stay home when there's something I want to do, never gets upset when I end up working long hours (worked about 120 hours over the past 2 weeks), never gets frustrated if I don't have time to do something I said I was going to do...he's so insanely patient and has such a great sense of humor (a MUST with my level of sarcasm).

Also, while he did not graduate from college (only did 1 semester at a community college due to infancial constraints), he has a very good job for someone his age, and there's room for him to grow even more from his current position. I'm even proud of how he got his job--he had been working retail and did a side job with a friend of his on a network for his now employer (he's a bit of a computer geek but can't get a job in that field around here without a degree or 12 ), and the president of the company for whom he did the side job liked him so much he called him in for an interview and hired him to do something he'd never done before just because he liked him. And now, here he is, good at what he does and still growing!
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My husband is a captain at our fire department and has only been in that position for a year and a half, he won fire officer of the year last weekend at their awards banquet. He is also a great daddy to our 4 little ones.
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= 5Ibs lost
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Mine's lost 24 pounds in the last 6 weeks!

He gave up ice tea, potato chips & mountain dew all in one shot - and has not complained one bit about joining me in eating the 'healthy way'

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Im proud (and grateful) that my bf tolerates me!
That he works SO DAMN HARD.
That he is taking a new approach to study.
That he supports my involvment in things that dont involve him.
That he joined the gym with me so he could support me.
That he supports my healthy eating habits (even if he doesn't partake himself).
That he talks of marriage and children as if it is the most natural thing in the world.

I love Michael!!

Begin again.
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used to be tofat
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I'm so proud of my husband for taking control of his health. He has been overweight/obese most of his life. 3 years ago I started doing Body for Life. He decided to do it with me just so I felt supported. Well, I fell away from it, but he truly changed his life. He is now a triathlete, duathlete, and accomplished runner. He's planning on his first Marathon this fall and has a full racing schedule for the year. He has lowered his blood pressure from high enough for needing medication to well within the normal range and has also decreased his chances of continuing on his family's diabetes struggle.

He works very hard at his job and is spectacular at what he does (to the point where every place he's ever worked has things that he's the only one who knows how to fix certain problems.) He always makes time for family and appreciates the "little" things in life. He's overall wonderful.

Check out my blog as I try maintenance:

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My husband is a fabulous father and a great provider. He works very hard so that I can stay at home. He is amazing in times of trouble or distress, also. He's such a great and committed dad that he was an adoptive father that was awarded custody of his kids in lieu of their biological mother! That's huge, imo! He's a great Christian man and a strong leader/role model for young men in (and outside of) our church. AND, he gave up BREAD for Lent and he's sticking to it!!! I'm very proud of him.

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