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Exclamation Anna Nicole Smith Dies

Anna Nicole Smith Dies

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I think that is so sad. After all she has been thru.
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I saw this while i was at the gym... sooo sad
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hara hachi bu
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No kidding, lots of tragedy in her life.

I wonder if it was the TrimSpa.
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That is a shock, what a sad life she has had. Being beautiful and famous doesn't guarentee happines
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Originally Posted by phantastica View Post
No kidding, lots of tragedy in her life.

I wonder if it was the TrimSpa.
I was wondering the same thing.
love n kisses,

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This is so very sad. What a troubled girl she was and what a troubled life she led. I think it's pretty safe to say that she was on some kind of medication. Well at least she is with her son now. Who knows what will become of that precious little baby of hers. I hope she will be well cared for.
May she rest in peace.
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Actually, I highly doubt she ever took any TrimSpa so I don't think it'd be that. Although if you take too many of a thermogenic pill, then you can have a heart attack. Even if it was that, I think they would play plenty to keep that tidbit of information from the public.
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I'm shocked and sadden
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Just goes to show that when you look at celebrities or anyone else for that matter and wish you had their body, their lives, you don't really know what you are wishing for. I wonder what will happen with the lawsuit to get her deceased hubby's money back because technically now the baby is the entitled one. Also wonder what's going to happen with the paternity suit.

Or maybe she faked it all and is just hiding out on the same island with Ken Lay, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley.

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So sad I'm guessing the death of Daniel and the battle over Dannielynn took a tole on her, she did seem very out of it and depressed in all the recent interviews. R.I.P Anna!
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Bendito. Bless her and her poor daughter. How awful and shocking!

My former and future me.
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My husband's first thought was that she's really hiding out somewhere...but apparently she collapsed in a rather public place...but died in the hospital...

I think her whole life has been one huge, tragic event...every time I saw her in an ad or on on some awards show or even on her reality show, I was just sad for her. Such a stunningly beautiful woman (especially during her Guess Jeans days) but such a tragic lifestyle.

I'm not really shocked, but I'm sad, just the same. I wonder, too, what will happen to her baby with the paternity suit and all. I almost hope the other guy (not Howard K Stern) is the father and gets her...maybe she'll be brought up in a less screwed-up world. That Stern guy seems like he's just as messed up as she was. I may be wrong...just a gut feeling.
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well I was shocked!

I would not be suprised if it some kind of heart failure, drugs, huge weight loss and weight gain, child birth....she did not live a very healthy life,

I feel baddly for the daughter, maybe, she has to have been a weird mom, but her only knowllage of her mother will be what is archived by the media. It can't possibly be that flattering
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Originally Posted by tikanique View Post
Or maybe she faked it all and is just hiding out on the same island with Ken Lay, Tupac Shakur and Elvis Presley.


yep probably

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