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Old 12-31-2006, 01:36 AM   #1
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Default Nutrisystem's New Slogan

"Lose weight and get back in the game."

The "game", I'm assuming, means life.

So, what are they saying? That overweight people have no place in society and can't PLAY the game of life because they're fat? And that because they're overweight they've just dropped off the face of the earth until they're thin?

Am I just looking at this the wrong way or does anyone else feel slightly offended by that remark?

Have a happy new year, everyone!
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Just another example of how our society looks at us that are over-weight. It is so frustrating! So yes it does offend me.
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Old 12-31-2006, 12:55 PM   #3
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I will be honest my weight does hold me back....for instance I am not going skiing in the mountains this xmas because I feel too out of shape and heavy...and none of my ski clothes fit me....I also avoid social outings for the same reason....I don't think that they are that far off the mark for ME.

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Old 12-31-2006, 01:00 PM   #4
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I'm with Liz on this one, I tend to not want to do things or go places if i feel "fat". Does that make sense? OTOH, if I am steadily losing and feel healthy, I want to always be out and about.
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Old 12-31-2006, 01:02 PM   #5
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I think the slogan was written more for the ex football player spokesman and trying to hit the male market
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Old 12-31-2006, 02:09 PM   #6
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LLV, I for one was not in the game. I was watching from the sidelines. Not participating in life. I'm first getting back into it now ........ slowly.

Having said that, I don't care for the slogan. I do feel that it is a put down. Kinda like I'm allowed to call me fat, but no one else is. Does that make sense?
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Old 12-31-2006, 02:31 PM   #7
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I'm thinking "the game" doesn't refer to life - but more to something athletic or has a sportsy theme.

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My life was on hold for 10 years. "When I lose weight I will......."
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Old 12-31-2006, 03:20 PM   #9
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I do think the concept that you have to lose weight FIRST to get back in the game is insulting, but there are an awful lot of people who feel like life is going on without them when they are heavy.

I think you "get back in the game" when you decide to take your life back. A more apporpriate statement might be "Get back in the game, and you might lose weight in the process"
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Old 12-31-2006, 03:23 PM   #10
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I think the slogan is a little silly, if it's a metaphor for life, or just a reference to sports. I'm no advertising writer, but I think they could have come up with something better. But I agree with the posters about my life being put on hold when I was morbidly obese -- I had no friends, no boyfriend, and I didn't even have a job for nearly a year. And now I have an awesome job, great friends, and an amazing boyfriend. All of which have DIRECTLY been an effect of my weight loss. I'm not saying any of those were possible THEN, but I just felt like I didn't deserve or couldn't get them I tried. It probably was more of a factor of motivation rather than actual possibility. I think that's what society doesn't understand -- it's a choice of living life "on the sidelines." We CAN, but because of our personal ideals or feelings, we CHOOSE not to.

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I'm inclined to believe it means life, but like others have said...when I was overweight, I did just sit on the sidelines. I didn't do much of anything. I was tired all the time, and didn't really enjoy life. Going to work was a chore, coming home was a sigh of relief so I could plop down at the TV or computer. I'm not easily offended anyway, but I find nothing offensive about the slogan. I find it to be pretty much hitting the nail on the head.

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I think the "game" applies to whatever YOU need it to be.....could be a sport, an activity such as walking, playing with the kids or grandkids at the park rather than taking them there and watching, having the courage to be seen in public, the energy to get from the car to an event, etc. Each of us is different in our weight issues. The company deals with people losing weight and obviously is in business to make money. I think one would have to "read something into it that isn't there" to find anything offensive with that particular slogan.
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Let's just say they know to whom they are marketing! They're marketing to all the folks who don't let themselves do whatever because of being overweight. There are a lot of people out there like that. Too many folks hang all of their self-worth on the scale. No way I could sit anything out for being fat, what the heck would I have done the last ten years?

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I feel that while Nutrisystem is a very convenient plan, it's not a practical one. I'm sure folks lose weight on the program, but how can it be long term? Does it teach them how to make the meals that they are eating? Do they learn how to prepare food more nutritiously? I hear that the plan costs $10 a day for one person. $300/ave per month for 1 PERSON. I don't spend nearly that much on my whole family's grocery budget. Also, I've read the fine print that says you purchase fresh fruits and vegetables on your own on the program. While I agree with the fact that we should all get a proper amount of fruits and vegetables a day, I think that nutrisystem and others like it, are way too expensive and in the long run, it's not really teaching us how to take responsibility in our own kitchens, at restaurants, etc...

That would be my biggest problem with Nutrisystem. Also, it doesn't say anything about fitness. Some of those women who've lost 100+ lbs would not be that lean looking without a considerable amount of exercise. So it's quite misleading.
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I think most of us agree that the plan itself is not ideal....I continue to believe that the impact of obesity on people's lives is significant...physically, emotionally and otherwise..which is why nutrisystem and all other "diet" plans/programs are such big money makers.

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