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Talking Any help with a pregnancy question?

I have a problem. My period was already 8 days late due to stress when I had intercourse, now my period is 13 days late. Going to the doctor right now is NOT in any way an option. I need to know in my situation, how long do I have to wait before I should test for pregnancy and expect accurate results? If i am pregnant, and can't test right away, will there be any immidiate prenancy symptoms to expect such as morning sickness or bodyaches or does that happen later on in pregnancy?
I would really like some help with my problem please. I'm desperate! Thanks!

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If your period is late, you can do a pregnancy test and get accurate results, although there might be some question because your cycle has been irregular. Still, if its late, most tests will detect it. First Response, actually, is 99% accurate a couple days before a missed period, so you should be ok to test now.
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Many over the counter pregnancy tests are reliable soon after a missed period. I'd go ahead and test just for mental peace. If you don't start, wait several days and retest. Many of the kits come with 2 tests, which might be cheaper to go that way. As for pregnancy symptoms, before I even missed my period, I knew I was pregnant. My breasts had already became very tender. I didn't have morning sickness until I was at least 6 weeks pregnant but I'm sure everyone is different. Good luck.


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Like lilybelle said, you may experience breast tenderness. For me, another telltale sign was having to wake up in the middle of the night to pee, even if I had just gone before I went to bed. You say going to the doctor is not an option right now, is that due to financial constraints? Are there any Planned Parenthood or free clinics near you that may offer free PG testing? Stress in itself may cause you to be late so using an OTC test kit may ease your mind.

If you are not pregnant at this time, you may want to consider responsible birth control or even abstinence at your young age. You may not like hearing that, but bringing a baby into the world is a big responsibility for anyone, even an old married person like me.
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I'm sorry you're under such stress. I know you'll get this figured out. I just want to add: PLEASE take precaution, because if going to the doctor is NOT an option, then taking a risk of getting pregnant should NOT be an option either. I'm sorry, I doubt anyone preaching at you helps. I was pregnant when I was very young. My daughter is now 12, we are blessed, and her dad is my husband, but there were quite a few intensely stressful years between then and now!
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Being as you are so late. You should take a home pregnancy test. They are pretty accurate after a missed period. I found out I was pregnant with a home test 3 days before I was even expecting my period.

I didn't have any symptoms. I wasn't craving anything, no morning sickness (at that point anyways), no breast tenderness...nothing! I took a test only because DH suspected I was. I took the test to humor him. Sure enough, I was. So much for "a woman knows when she's pregnant."
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Thank you for your posts ladies. I honestly do not want a family at my age right now, i'm am only 3 months shy of being an adult, which is the reason why i can't go to the doctor without the rick of being killed by my father, or worst, disowned like he did to my older sister, but if i am, then i must face the music, and handle my responsabilities like a woman. I am truely scared. I am going to go take my first at-home test now.

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Is there a Planned Parenthood close to you? or a Crisis Pregnancy Center? either of those places can help with testing and counseling afterwards....
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Your profile says you are in Richmond, here is the address for Planned parenthood:

Central Site
3415 Floyd Ave
Richmond, VA 23221
M, Tu, W, Th, F, S (all)
Operated by: The Virginia League for Planned Parenthood

Check for information on their site:

My personal opinion is that unless you have been dating a guy for a while and you are in a truly committed relationship, then he should be using a condom. Although that doesn't mean that you shouldn't be on the pill as well. Pregnancy as well as STDs aren't something to mess with. I don't know all the details but I do know that planned parenthood offers the pill at a discount.
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Sometimes you can even get them and a pregnancy test free.

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Just wondering how the test turned out? I hope you're doing ok....

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Are you okay?? First response is pretty accurate, but I would go to planned parenthood, if your test is negative, maybe you should get on birth control.
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I took 2 rests, one was positive and one was negative. I do live in Richmond, but in 5 days i'm moving to Camden Whyoming, Delaware. It's in the country, and i have no car, there might not be any help around me. I was on birth control, but i guess that ONE day i missed taking it got me. I used first responce tests, so i don't know what to believe. I'm scared right now, but i'll get through it, i just don't want to get through it alone which i am.

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I've heard of false negatives, but not false positives...usually if the pregnancy hormone is there, it is a non mistakable trigger in the test...whereas if the hormone is weak (as it is early on), it may not trigger the test.

I'd get myself to planned parenthood if I were you, Tweety. If you are preggers, you'll need their help in medical care, support, as well as a way to avoid the impending death threat from your father. If you aren't, which I truly hope you're not, then they can help you in further avoiding this situation.

Good luck to you...also, be sure and check of there is an expiration date on the PG test...I'd go to the drug store and buy a brand new one if you aren't going to PP.

Keep us posted!!
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