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Aussie :)
mzshaunna's Avatar
Join Date: Aug 2013
Location: Australia
Posts: 209

S/C/G: 101.4kg/98.3kg/70kg

Height: 5'11


Color: Blue/pink/purple
Food: White Chocolate and hot chips (not together haha)
Drink: Mocha
Weight loss program: Eating healthy and following Michelle Bridges 12week body transformation exercise plan
Movie: Remember the Titans, We are marshall
Animal: Dog - i love german shepherds
Vacation place: I'd love to go back to Phuket
City: Mandurah, Western Australia
Band: Dont really have one
Beauty product: Hair straightner
Celebrity: Sherma Moore
Article of clothing you own: Long dress
Store: Crossroads
Website: TMZ and Perez Hilton.. yes i like reading gossip haha
Restaurant: any italian one
Video game: Mario Kart on old school Nintendo 64
Healthy activity: swimming
Book (or series): The boy in the stripped pyjamas
TV show: Criminal Minds, the Big Bang theory
= 1 for every 5pounds/2.25kg lost
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NightowlAnnie's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Southern Maryland
Posts: 163

Height: 5'2"


Color: Green
Food: pot roast
Drink: water
Weight loss program: eating healthy counting calories
Movie: The Sound of Music
Animal: ferret
Vacation place: Ocean City, Maryland
City: Chesapeake Beach, Maryland
Band: Imagine Dragons
Beauty product: Scandal Eyes mascara by Rimmel
Celebrity: Robert Downey Jr.
Article of clothing you own: Official Redskins jersey #58
Store: CVS (makeup and too cute seasonal goodies)
Website: Youtube
Restaurant: Greek
Video game: Candy Crush
Healthy activity: swim..swim..swim
Book (or series): Left Behind series
TV show: Modern Family

When the World says 'Give up' Hope whispers 'Give it one more try'
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Senior Member
Jacqui_D's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2006
Location: Ohio, USA
Posts: 4,508

S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Color: Red
Food: Pumpkin doughnuts and Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies
Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper
Weight loss program: Slow carb (for the most part)
Movie: (Old) The Wizard of Oz, (New) O Brother Where Art Thou?
Animal: Cats
Vacation place: A beach in NC
City: Columbus OH and Nashville TN
Band: The Beatles
Beauty product: Moisturizing Chapstick
Celebrity: Johnny Depp
Article of clothing you own: (Accessory of clothing) Vintage purses
Store: Antique shops
Website: 3FC, Ancestry, and Pinterest
Restaurant: A local BBQ joint
Video game: Atari Pong
Healthy activity: Sex
Book (or series): The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck
TV show: The Big Bang Theory
Slow Carb Diet (*Modified), Re-Started 6/14/16 > ----------Slow Carb Diet (*Modified), Started 5/3/15, Met 1/23/16!

*See my modified Slow Carb Diet plan @ Carb-Sensitive Dieting (Thread 5)

GOAL: 164 lbs, Normal Weight (BMI)
MAINTENANCE GOAL: Keep slow-carbing!

= 10 lbs lost; = 5 lbs lost: _____
"A year from now, what will I wish I had done today?" -- Unknown Author

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Join Date: Mar 2013
Location: Southern Maryland
Posts: 163

Height: 5'2"


I thoroughly enjoy reading everyone else's loves in life

When the World says 'Give up' Hope whispers 'Give it one more try'
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Senior Member
LadyPetite's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2012
Posts: 189

S/C/G: 270/260s/120

Height: 5'1"


Color: Pastels, especially blue and pink and lavender.
Food: Italian, especially cheese lasagna.
Drink: Sweet Iced Tea.
Weight loss program: IF.
Movie: Forrest Gump. More but this is my ultimate favorite.
Animal: Cat
Vacation place: Would love to visit Europe.
City: San Diego, California
Band: I listen to whatever sounds good, can even hate a song from the same band.
Beauty product: Nivea Cream.
Celebrity: Antonio Banderas.
Article of clothing you own: I have this light pink thin wool sweater that I adore... that's a size 16/18. Cant wait to get into that.
Store: Old Navy
Website: YouTube and Netflix.
Restaurant: I like Chipotle.
Video game: Resident Evil series, God of War series, The old Mortal Kombat and Sonic the Hedgehog games (I'm an old school Sega Genesis girl).
Healthy activity: Would like to run consistently. I'll be a runner one day
Book (or series): The Kite Runner. There's a ton more but this is my all-time favorite.
TV show: Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, How I Met Your Mother, plus some more.

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Old 03-31-2014, 10:10 PM   #66
Turning Into A New Woman
Terra1984's Avatar
Join Date: Jul 2013
Location: Wichita,Kansas,U.S.A
Posts: 2,458

S/C/G: 302/See Tracker/250

Height: 5'2 & 1/2


Color: Purple or Black and White (Zebra colors)
Food: Seafood,American,Chinese,Mexican
Drink: Anything Cherry Flavor
Weight loss program: 1200 Calorie Diet (doctor's orders)
Movie: White Chicks
Animal: Zebra
Vacation place: I dont have one yet
City: My city
Band: Shinedown
Beauty product: I like all of my make up
Celebrity: Brent Smith of Shinedown
Article of clothing you own: All of my jeans
Store: Walmart,Dillions and the mall
Website: 3FC,Facebook,Twitter,E-Mail and thats about it
Restaurant: Red Lobster
Video game: Super Mario Brothers,Donkey Kong Country games
Healthy activity: Sex - Im kidding, Walking is my favorite healthy activity
Book (or series): The Outsiders
TV show: Total Diva's, among others
*~*~*~1st BIG Goal~*~*~*

"One year from now, all the hard work with be worth it"

Weight Loss Pictures:
1st MAJOR Goal - 250
2nd MAJOR Goal - 200
FINAL Goal - 150
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Old 04-05-2014, 03:11 PM   #67
Junior Member
Join Date: Apr 2014
Location: London, England
Posts: 20

S/C/G: 265/260/140

Height: 5'5"


Color: Grey
Food: Fish and Chips
Drink: Coke
Weight Loss Program: Low Carb
Movie: Clueless
Animal: Dog
Vacation Place: Zanzibar, Tanzania
City: Paris, France
Band: Incubus
Beauty Product: Iman Translucent Powder
Celebrity: Brandon Boyd
Article of Clothing You Own: Red Dress
Store: New Look
Website: Twitter
Restaurant: Gourmet Burger Kitchen
Video Game: Galaxy Heroes
Healthy Activity: Cross Trainer
Book: Lizzie Jordan's Secret Life
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy

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This is it
Warrior's Avatar
Join Date: Dec 2012
Location: New Zealand
Posts: 203

S/C/G: 209/206.4/140

Height: 5'6


Originally Posted by Warrior View Post
Color: Light Green
Food: Potato salad, Chocolate
Drink: Lift +, Lemon & Barley
Weight loss program: Eating clean, exercise, water.
Movie: Fast & Furious (movie series)
Animal: Cat
Vacation place: Australia
City: Christchurch, New Zealand
Band: Passion Pit
Beauty product: Hair straightner
Celebrity: Demi Harman, Steve Peacocke, Alan Fletcher
Article of clothing you own: Jeans
Store: Jay Jays, Cotton On
Website: Twitter!!
Restaurant: Liffiton Castle
Video game: Crash Bandicoot
Healthy activity: Jogging
Book (or series): n/a
TV show: Outrageous Fortune!!!!, Shortland Street, Wentworth, Neighbours, Home & Away
Color: Light Green
Food: Potato salad (has to be home made)
Drink: Mocha, Sugar free Red Bull and Water
Weight Loss Program: Eating clean, exercise, water.
Movie: Fast & Furious (movie series)
Animal: Cat
Vacation Place: Australia
City: Christchurch, New Zealand
Band: Passion Pit and The Fray
Beauty Product: Hair straightener
Celebrity: Paula Lane
Article of clothing you own: Jeans
Store: Jay Jays and River Island
Website: Twitter
Restaurant: The Brick House
Video Game: Crash Bandicoot 1
Healthy Activity: Ab Circle Pro and Jogging
Book (or series): n/a
TV Show: Outrageous Fortune, Coronation Street and Wentworth

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IP Start 3/1/2015
Jonquil's Avatar
Join Date: Mar 2015
Posts: 35

S/C/G: 202/139/120

Height: 5'2"


Color: Turquoise
Food: Entree - Thai Beef Salad / Dessert - Biko
Drink: Non-alcohol - Sweet tea or Thai Tea / Alcohol - White Russian
Weight loss program: Ideal Protein
Movie: Howl's Moving Castle / The Nightmare Before Christmas
Animal: Ocelot
Vacation place: Maine
Band: it's always changing, but currently, Starset
Beauty product: DevaCurl hair products
Celebrity: Vincent Price
Article of clothing you own: Fossil purse
Store: Barnes & Noble/Half-Price Books
Website: Amazon
Restaurant: any Thai, Indian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Chinese (that's good, of course)
Video game: Legend of Zelda
Healthy activity: Yoga
Book (or series): The Picture of Dorian Gray
TV show: Criminal Minds
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Junior Member
dodgeball5's Avatar
Join Date: May 2015
Posts: 4

S/C/G: 244/241/160

Height: 5'6"


Color: Pinks/Purples
Food: Mexican
Drink: at the moment, Sparkling Ice (Cherry Limeade)
Weight loss program: Metabolic Research Center
Movie: Bridesmaids, etc.
Animal: Corgis!
Vacation place: Anywhere with a beach and palm trees.
City: Home
Band: None
Beauty product: Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation and lip gloss
Celebrity: Nope
Article of clothing you own: Shoes! or Chaps jeans -they fit me great!
Store: Maurice's, Kohl's, thrift stores
Website: 3FC
Restaurant: Mexican!
Video game: Galaga
Healthy activity: Zumba.
Book (or series):
TV show: Modern Family, Blackish, Fresh Off the Boat, Under the Dome, Walking Dead, Madam Secretary, etc.

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frawniemae's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2015
Location: Home is where I park it!
Posts: 844

S/C/G: 302.4/202.4/166

Height: 5'6"


Color: corals
Food: steak
Drink: iced tea with lemon/lime and lightly sweetened with stevia
Weight loss program: Ideal Protein with a few alternates
Movie: hard to pick just one but a few favs are: Eat, Love, Pray; Ghost; Pirates of the Caribbean (all); Men in Black I and II
Animal: lions/tigers
Vacation place: Big Bend National Park, TX but Southwestern Utah is right up there
City: San Antonio
Band: Eagles
Beauty product: oil of olay
Celebrity: Norman Reedus, Johnny Depp
Article of clothing you own: jean capris and a tee shirt
Store: Bed Bath and Beyond, thrift stores
Website: 3FC, twdforums
Restaurant: Logan's
Video game: none unless Candy Crush counts
Healthy activity: walking/hiking
Book (or series): The Dark Tower - Stephen King
TV show: The Walking Dead, Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Blacklist, IZombie, Shameless, Orange is the New Black
M1-18.4lbs, M2-14.4lbs, M3-12.8lbs, M4-13.8, M5-9.2lbs, M6-8.2lbs, M7-16.2lbs, M8- 11.4, M9- 8.2, M10 -11.4, M11 - 8.6, M12-4.2
First mini goal - 10lb by 2/14/2015-did it!
Second mini goal - 40lb by 4/10/2015-done!!
Third mini goal - Onederland by 8/22/2015
8/31/15 - arrived in Onderland

Restarted 6/24/2017

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Old 12-28-2016, 09:37 PM   #72
|| Casey ||
opheliaphoenix's Avatar
Join Date: Jan 2011
Location: Recently relocated to Arizona.
Posts: 1,302

S/C/G: 297/ticker/135

Height: 5'7.5"


Color: Green...various shades like emeralds, mosses, and teals.
Food: Almost anything Italian or Mexican, as long as it's also vegetarian.
Drink: Peach iced tea, water, and White Cherry Powerade.
Weight loss program: I'll let you know when I figure that out, lol.
Movie: Couldn't possibly pick a favorite...same goes for music.
Animal: Foxes and red pandas.
Vacation place: Right now, it would be to go back home to see my family and friends...I haven't been home since 2012. It's been too long.
City: I don't know if I have a favorite city yet.
Band: Like the movie question, I couldn't possible pick one favorite.
Beauty product: It's a tie between mascara and eyebrow pencils/powders.
Celebrity: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bill Murray.
Article of clothing you own: My deep moss green cardigan -- or my black yoga pants, lol.
Store: Target, Sephora, Gaelsong, and probably Anthropologie if I could afford it.
Website: Probably Facebook, just because that's how I stay in contact with my family and friends since I live on the opposite side of the country.
Restaurant: In our town, probably Carrabba's or Olive Garden.
Video game: I rarely get to play anything, but when I do I like World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Sims, and DragonAge. Haven't played the last two in years or the first two in months, though.
Healthy activity: Swimming or yoga.
Book series: Probably the Diaries of the Family Dracul series by Jeanne Kalogridis.
TV show: Game of Thrones or Grey's Anatomy.

I lost all of my progress and gained the weight back (and then some!) during my pregnancy and subsequent hiatus back in 2014 and hadn't lost a pound since...but, I am back again - as of 12.28.16 - and, I am determined to see it through this time. I owe it to my son and, most importantly, myself to become healthy again. Let's do this!

- C.

One dragonfly for every 10 lbs lost, so far:

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