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Default Which sushi do you prefer: salmon or tuna?

I just went to a sushi place and they served they served some GREAT plates. It was a fun way they did it, these plates of different sushi dishes were just floated by right in front of you on this water canal (in front of the giant square sushi bar everyone sat around) and they were different colors to tell you what their prices were. You could just grab one any time and start eating and it would soon be replaced on the canal by the chefs. Then you just brought your empty plates up front in the end to pay. They had fatty fried dishes and slices of cheesecake constantly floating in front of me, which was tough, but they also had great healthy dishes like fresh watermelon for dessert and a cute little cucumber-vinegar salad that I grabbed. They also had a protein-rich plate of just raw endame beans that I'll get next time. And MINI sushi rolls (so cute). I had two rice-less raw fish dishes (my FIRST RAW FISH EXPIRIENCE) one was two slabs of raw tuna, the other raw wild Pacific salmon. I think I liked the salmon a bit better, which was very fatty, but it was okay because it was good fat. Wow, I didn't really mean to write that much, sorry. Anyways, my question is this:
Do you prefer sushi salmon or tuna?
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i've never tried sushi personally but that place sounds real fun!! i love both tuna and salmon.. tuna on crackers with mayonnaise and salmon and ketchup *rubs belly*. that's good stuff!

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In a choice between tuna and salmon, I would go for tuna. However, probably my favorite fish is yellowtail. My favorite cooked item is eel. I also love the sesame seaweed salad. Wow - now I am craving some sushi. I would eat a lot more of it, but it can be so expensive!

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Salmon and yellowtail tuna are my favorite sashimi. I usually get both
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I prefer yellow tail tuna (hamachi). It is white and has a buttery taste - not like red tuna (ahi) at all. Salmon is ok, but I usually like it broiled and chopped up in a crispy salmon skin roll - yum!
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There's also toro, which is a fattier part of the tuna. But I think I like salmon better. My favorite is the eel, but it's not very healthy. :-( It's cooked with some sort of sweet sauce.
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Dairyqueen -- That is a kaiten sushi restaurant -- with the conveyor belt. Very popular in Japan and they are often cheaper, too! I love them!

As for your question, it depends on how good the fish is that day! I love salmon, tuna, and yellowtail, but some days one is better than another.

Good toro is really good, too!!

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