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Question Tuna and Special K

I had a question about tuna servings. I heard somewhere that you should only have two servings of fish per week. Is more than that bad for you? See, I work in a grocery store and they have those Starkist tuna kits with the tuna pouch, reduced fat mayo, crackers, sweet relish, and even a mint and they whole package is only 5 pts. It's really good! It's kinda expensive for my cheap tastes ($1.55 per package) but I'm gonna give it a go cause it's the only sure way my lunch won't get eaten by my family! Anyway, how many servings per week is okay?

They had Special K cereal on sale this week so I went ahead and brought a couple of boxes. Everyone knows that they have the 2 week challenge thing. Anyway, wouldn't you know that AFTER I brought the cereal, I read a magazine article where they do those trial runs of different diets and such and they did one of Special K in which the participant observed that she was partically starving during the whole thing! I ate a bowl for breakfast and less than two hours later, I WAS SO HUNGRY!! I can't remember a time when I was that hungry. It got to the point when I was feeling weak and about to dash to the deli and buy the whole thing! I didn't though, instead I rushed to break and consumed a tuna package. My tummy was screaming for more but I remember someone telling me that I need to wait a few minutes after eating before eating anything else to make sure I was really hungry. So I learned my lesson. The Special K cereals I brought taste good but I will NEVER eat them for breakfast or any meal. I think I'll just portion into sandwich bags and eat them as snacks.

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Im not fond on the very low cal special K 2week diet, because after the 2 weeks if a person lost any weight, they gained when off of it.
But like the reast of us, your into this for the long hall so why not modify it a bit, but adding friut to the Special K, and then a low cal/fat yogurt for a snack when you start to get hungry.
Most Mornings I have bran flakes with raisins or in friut and fibre as it is low calories so I can allow for a snack mid morning if I eat my breakfast early in the morning
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FYI: The reason why Special K isn't all that filling is because it has practically NO FIBRE in it. Kashi GoLean or Fibre One is a much better option or if you're looking for a full meal out of it go for Vector which is higher in calories but has a heap of vitamins in it.

On to the tuna question. I eat at least a small can of flavoured tuna a day because it is so convenient, good protein and delicious! The reason why some will caution you not to go crazy on tuna or any other fish is because of concerns over mercury levels in fish. You can make your own decision on this after researching it further but the main issues are with swordfish and shark which someone out there may eat a lot of, but I am not one of them. I know that pregnant women should probably avoid fish because babies are more sensitive to lower levels of mercury and it can affect the nervous system but for myself I am feeling just fine. Again, it's a personal decision but I can tell you that I have yet to go crazy from too much mercury.
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