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Old 03-23-2005, 10:52 PM   #1
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Default Late night snack cravings...

Any ideas for curbing night snack cravings... I do so well durning the day and just always hit that bump at night when I am just not satisfied. Any ideas to distract or healthy snack options... I'm a huge salt craver at night. THANKS for any ideas!
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i drink a cup of hot chicken broth instant stuff. If fills ya up without the calories i do beleive it has like 15 calories. Besides that i eat the mini bags of popcorn with 100 calories
Hope that helped

= 5 pounds
Which means !!!
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-popcorn is a great idea
-fresh fruit.. I slice an apple. I'm not as apt to eat an apple if its whole, but sliced I can do. Can even dip it in some fat free yogurt.
-veggie sticks w/ fat free dressing
-cereal - okay this is like a nightly treat for me. I'm a cereal junkie, so I love having a bowl of cereal as dessert.
-baked chips or fat free chips. I like fat free pringles or doritos. It has olestra which can cause cramping, etc in some people if eaten in high dosages, so dont get these if you might eat the whole bag. Personally, I've never been affected by it when eating 1-2 servings a day

my absolute favorite snack though... is 19 low-fat Wheatables and a few Tablespoons of salsa all in all it ends up being like 140cal/4g fat.
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Thanks girls! I'm going to have to look for these mini popcorn bags everyone talks about! Also the veggies would be pretty easy for me as long as I can find some yummy low fat dip and I can just keep em handy in my fridge!
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it is hard to satisfy your salt cravings with fruit or veggies. I have a friend that has me sucking on a menthol cough drop or a breath strip to change my taste buds around when my salt craving occurs. It takes discipline to put the methol flavor in your mouth but it does work. I have a big problem with salt, I will want it in a big way but will make myself have veggies, fat free pudding, fudge pop, piece of fruit instead of the chips I really want. So I will eat the good treat and with in 15 min. am back looking for the salt fix. The problem with the salt snack is that once I start I can not stop. Over the weekend I bought a large bag of pretzel sticks and divided them up in little baggies to the ww portion size. Finally I had to throw what I had not eaten away, because in one hour I ate four baggies!!!!! I think it will be hard if you are craving salt to substitue veggies, fruit, or cerel. If you can limit your self to the portion control (which I can't) try buying something like the 100 calorie wheat thin bags, or dividing up a larger bag into pre made portions and see if that does it for you.

I went to a diet doctor once and he said salt products are a diet killer so if you could someone change your taste buds around that would be best. Good luck I know this is one of my biggest problems
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