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Default Question on fiber in "lite" breads

I usually buy the "lite" wheat bread. (Either Pepperidge Farm's Litestyles or the store brand). I remember reading somewhere (can't remember where) that the breads lower the calories by added more air and slicing it thinner, but also by adding fiber, BUT that this fiber doesn't count towards your reccomended daily intake. (Did that make sense?)

I've been making a concsious effort to get more fiber into my diet and I'm trying to figure out if all of the grams of fiber I have been counting "actually" count! Anybody have some insite into this issue?

And a food reccomendation: I'm generally not a fan of the "low-carb" foods, but I really like the Sahara low-carb pitas. 90 calories each and 10 grams of fiber.
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I don't know of any reason why that fiber would not count towards your daily intake. To me, fiber is fiber is fiber! It is probably a good idea to spread out your sources of fiber, such as veggies, grains, fruits - so you can get the benefits of the other nutrients in each of the foods. I would definitely count the bread towards your fiber intake.

Thanks for the heads up on the pitas. I haven't seen them, but I'll keep an eye out.
I like the Mission brand low carb tortillas. They taste like regular flour tortillas but they have 11 g of fiber.
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If you can get Nature's Own, they have come out with a Lite Whole Wheat that is 45 calories per slice and 5 grams of fiber! Very good. I think the fiber helps to fill you up.

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Default Ah-ha!

I found the article! I misremembered: it stated that the fiber in the lite breads "counts", but since they're still made with white flour, you don't get the other benefits of whole grains:


I love this website, btw.
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