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Default What time of day are you most vulnerable?

What time of day are you most likely to "fall off the wagon" and how to you prevent it?

My trigger time is around 7pm - 11pm....still trying to figure out a good preventative measure!
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Mine was around then too. I took to brushing my teeth lol. Nothing like minty freshness to stave off an attack of the munchies!

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It depends on what day it is... Through the week my trigger time is around 8-9 pm while I'm watching tv. I want something to munch on. To keep myself under controlt I do several things: 1) I keep only low-fat/low-cal snacks in the house (easy for me to do because I'm single and my roomie is out of town for a few weeks) and 2) I try to "save" a few hundred calories for my evening snack. If I save for some fruit, crackers, or popcorn then I don't feel so deprived, and sometimes I don't even eat the snack which puts me a few hundred calories "ahead" for the day.

On the weekends it is about 3 hours after I eat a meal. It doesn't matter what I eat or what time I eat, about 3 hours later my thoughts turn to "grazing" and I haven't found a solution to this other than to tell myself "no". Depending on if I am actually hungry or just bored I might have a small snack, or just eat 4-5 smaller meals throughout the day. It just depends on my mood.
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Evenings are the worst!! I live in a dorm, so I can't keep too much fresh stuff around, and I can't cook anything--I'm limited to my microwave. At night I watch tv and I get bored and want to munch on all sorts of things.
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My hardest times are between 6pm-11pm. I could eat all day! I'm trying to think of ways to keep from eating at least after 8 pm.
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my hardest time of the day is around 5 o clock. i work in a deli and i am ready for dinner at 5 but dont get off until six. cookies cakes, pasta and potato salad chips and cheese. i am surrounded. i bring a yogury and a grapefruit and eat as soon as i feel hungry. it works well.

a trick i have found for curing the late eveing attacks is to drink hot tea. i prefer mint because it has no caffiene and it makes your omouth feel fresh. i brush my teeth after dinner and then when i get a craving, i drink some tea. the ritual of making the tea helps me to get my mind of my cravings as well.
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