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Lastimeacharm 04-22-2001 11:22 AM

Here's a good recipe and filling too!

Potato Hash

2 large potatoes peeled and diced diced jalapeno to taste
1 med. onion diced 1 tsp. pepper to taste
1 green bell pepper diced
1 red bell pepper diced
1 c. frozen corn thawed

Cook the potatoes until just tender about 5 min. Drain set aside. Place onion, green and red peppers in a little water. Cook until just tender. Remove from heat add cooked potatoes, seasoning, and pepper. Mix and place in large non stick skillet. Cook until potatoes brown slightly. Then after it was done I poured a little Picante Sauce on top. Turned out really good and very filling! Figures out to approx. 3 points per serving.

poohshunny 04-22-2001 05:17 PM

How Many Servings?
Sounds yummy, can you tell me how many servings it makes? Thanks!

Lastimeacharm 04-22-2001 07:05 PM

With really large potatoes you can get about 4 pretty good size servings, if you use smaller probably about 2 servings. All depends on how big a potato you got hope this helps! :D

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