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Default Cake makes me sick?

I am a long-time sweet hog. I eat and crave sweets, and no matter how much I clean up my diet I just have to have my chocolate and still occasionally bake.

I've been eating healthier for over a year. I've tried several "diets" but what works for me is just trying to make good choices as often as I can stand it. I love bad foods, but I'm starting to love good foods too, so I'm slowly tipping the balance towards better and better eating.

Anyways - I recently had some Serious cravings. I made brownies for the first time in months, ate them all (not in one sitting of course). It was heaven. Then I got a cake craving. I tried eating some other sweets that I had on-hand (ice cream, chocolate bars) but nothing satisfied me, so I went out and bought cake mix and icing.

Eating one piece of that cake made me want to throw up. Its a good cake, so I tried again and felt sick again. And of course this morning I figured its still a good cake, so I ate it for breakfast - I feel so gross and sick to my stomach....

All I want right now is a salad. As soon as my belly feels better I'm going to throw that cake away and eat something healthy.

Anyways - I wanted to rant, and I wanted to know if anyone else feels the same? I used to eat cake and sweets fine, but now my mind craves them and my body feels gross after eating them... Maybe I'm not used to having that much sugar anymore?

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I don't have this issue because I no longer eat any sugar....at least for the last 7 weeks or so. No sugar and no flour, to be a little more specific. I never thought I could ever stop having these items because I was so addicted, but I feel so much better without them ruling me. Now my cravings have decreased a lot and I'm fine without them, whereas before, I wouldn't have ever considered that a possibility. I would have said that life isn't worth living without them, but I now know that I'm worth it and I couldn't control my intake.

I'm not saying you should do what I do. Congrats to you on the progress you have made. I just wanted to let you know what I do in case you ever want to consider it.

Anyway, it's great that you want a salad instead of sweets!
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Good idea about getting that cake out of the house. Maybe replace it with lots of fruit?
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I had not eaten cake or any sweets at all really for a little over a month, and on Mother's Day we had a cookout. My MIL made a cake, and my hubby's cousin made a cake. I was without restrictions for this day, so I ate a small breakfast and lunch, ate a small plate of the healthiest things I could find for dinner, and had my eyes set on the cakes. Hubby cut me a piece of the 1st cake, and I ate two or three bites and gave it to him. Couldn't eat it. Then about an hour later, I had a small piece of the other cake. Ate it, but didn't feel very good afterwards. I didn't regret eating either one, as it showed me that I wasn't really missing anything, and I went right back to eating the way I had been without looking back. But I definitely think something changes when you don't eat junk for awhile. My pancreas and gallbladder didn't like it very much, I don't think. Haven't eaten any junk since.
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