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tinamariefitforme 04-23-2014 01:42 PM

What are your favorite snacks?
What are your favorite snacks or mini meals?

VermontMom 04-23-2014 02:40 PM

Cup (8 oz) Dannon Light and Fit Greek nonfat yogurt, 130 calories

can of albacore tuna, drained, with 1 Tbsp sugar free relish - 160 calories

I Tablespoon natural unsweetened peanut butter with small apple, about 200 calories

20 almonds and a hot cup of tea, about 120 calories for the almonds

tommy 04-23-2014 03:37 PM

When I just want something tasty the snack packs of Korean roasted seaweed are lovely (25 calories). I keep well roasted almonds in a jar and pair them with a handful of grape tomatoes plus a smidge of cheese if really hungry. I also tend to keep some sort of vegetable salad in the fridge (like kale or broccoli) as well as protein like boiled egg, canned fish, cooked shrimp - an instant mini meal filling salad. I guess you can see that if really hungry I find protein to be an essential element ;)

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